Welcome to Girlswithnobrakes.com. Here you will find high quality photos and videos of beautiful women, cars and cinematic brake faliure scenes as depicted in classic tv and movies .

What's new: 9-29-16 Sif collection added to store archive. featuring Sif's first 3 brake failure videos.

Upcoming videos:Bad Breakup starring Chani,Untitled Jonbenet project, Untitled Brandy project.

Update History:

9-27-16 Rina collection added to the video store archive..featuing cranking and revving in jelly shoes.

9-19-16 Creeper 3 released starring Cortney (previously titled Stalking Cortney)
9-15-16 Used Car2 starring Brandy

9-11-16 3 new candid videos incluing behind the scenes brake failure scene.

Current Cover Model: STELLA
From and "brake failure" shoot october 2014

Previews Cover models:

Brandy -from stuck in mud and brake failure shoot april 2016

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