Welcome to Girlswithnobrakes.com
This site showcases the photography and films of Spyder0 productions.
Our models perform in short films we like to call “car action thrillers” . These Films contain “brake failure scenes” and similar scenarios used as cliché tropes used in fiction stories, television and movies. (see tv tropes)

Unlike other sites, our emphasis is placed on quality, performance and story telling just like in the movies. We aim to produce something that is totally sexy and unique, while also familiar and appealing to the mainstream! If you like like hot girls, car scenes and the art of film-making you just might enjoy what we do!.

Full films and high res photo sets, are available for purchase to download. There are also short videos, free previews , screen tests, blooper reels and samples from TV/movies and media ( used for educational purposes)

Based out of Michigan, we work with some of the most talented of models and actresses both local and around the country. Many can also be seen in Burlesque showsindie films, and movies and prominent websites.

We have shot with over 30 models and over 10 different cars since 2010 The cars you see in video are used primarily for the films and are chosen for their usability and cost rather than looks . That said, we are always on the look out for new vehicles that would look really good on film AND photos.
We also have been known to take in a car show (such as the NAIS) for some COOL cars to pose next to.
Brandy wearing leather jacket, crop top, mini skirt and Knee high Gladiator SandalsAt GWNB , we are also big into fashion and never miss a chance to capture photos edgy, classy, and glamorous models, in cool outfits and sexy footwear.

Each shoot we have ablast while making art. ! Sound like fun to you too??? Click here to find out how you can become a Model for girlsiwithnobrakes.

Also keep a look out for shoes and clothing for sale as well as DVD/Bluray releases of videos.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy your ride! ;)