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Remember the old scenes on tv and movies where hero or heroine finds themself in a car wtih no brakes? You know the scenario....the driver does not realize anything is wrong until the worst possible moment , on the worst possible downhill road with hairpin curves....and is seen panicking , steering the car for dear life and pumping the brakes to no avail while careening out of control with NO way to stop. see 'magic brakes'on tvtropes.com.
Well, at girlswithnobrakes.com, we feature short films based on this classic TV and movie cliche. Only differene is we only feature beautiful, women wearing sexy attire to portray our "heroines" Why? Because why not!? Its Hot!. ;)

You'll find our models posing for fashion photos and car photos, with particular focus on legs, feet and footwear.
The models featued are also very talented actresess which is essential for a convinving "brake failure" scene.
Don't be confused by other low quality amateur videos you may find ont the web.. We stand apart in that we take a much more cinematic and artistic approach to the concept than the rest.
Our scenes are shot and edited professionaly using multiple cameras and industry standard editing software. We only feature the best talent, and take extra effort to rig cars and mount cameras in order to produce high quality, professional , photo and video. Outside of Television and movies, you simply will not find anything like what we do! This is not "fetish", this is NOT "porn", this is Art!

Hanna Eadeh

Based out of West Michigan, Spyder0 Productions is owned and operaed by a talented professional photographer and digital media producer with of love of cars, beautiful women and filmmaking. We work with variety of talented people from professonal to amateur. We love to recruit local up and coming talent but some featured models are professionals who travel in from other parts of the country and you may know some from other websites and publications. . Some of our models might even have appeared on or may appear on television and movies in the near future.

We've been producing videos for over 5 years and constnatly inovating , upgrading, and trying new techniques, all in effort increase production quality and produce something truly unique and entertaining.




On this site you will find photo of models that have appeared in videos, both past and present. You will also find a video store where you can purchase and download the final productions as they are released. Free previews are also available.There is also a dicussion forum where you discuss this site and the concepts herein, make requets, read and submit stories, and more. If you have any questions or suggestoins you can also click the "contact" button to submit feedback.

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All material on this site is produced and own by Spyder0 Produtions. Unautorized reproduction and distribution is prohibted.