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Maintenance: changed" add to cart" buttons to "buy now" this is a temoprary fix for the shopping cart being down.
New videos: Leona part 1 available in video store. contains 2 versions. original and director's cut. see description for details.
Site update: Split video store into 4 sections. Brake Failure movies, Pedal pumping Videos, candid Videos, and Store Archive.

Moved Annette driving stuck and brandy driving videos into" pedal pumping" store

Removed fake candid videos from the candid store. only true candidly shot videos there now.
Upcoming videos:
Leona part 2 -Leona
The Interview/Borrowed car(double clip)-Brandy
Update History:
12/20/2016: Annette Stuck added to video store. 12/15/2016: Posted Annette Candid Driving.
12/10/2016: posted Bad Brake up with Chani.
10/18/2016 new candid videos added to the candid store (Brandy driving in flip flops an barefoot..plus brake failure)
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Emi Nicole- at the 2016 North American International Auto show.

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