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Behind the scenes videos of models driving. Some videos contain face shots, some are just foot shots.. May be dialogue between us, others may have silence or music.

JonBenet (Barefoot)   Stella (Sandals)   Brandy (Boots)
Driving barefoot after a brake failure shoot. we went pretty far out and had to make a 15 minute drive back. face and feet shots   Stella and I driving around after a shoot to go get food. she is wears sandals that are not normally her style. we chit chat about stuff. face and feet shots.   Brandy Driving a Ford f150 after a brake failur and stuck in mud shoot. we drive back on the highway and chit chat about stuff. face and feet shots.
9.99   9.99   9.99
Renee Date (sandals)   Marissa (Sandals)   Brandy - Flats
Riding to restaurant while renee drives wearing her worn ass sandals. she use the gas pedal and brake alot.   Marissa driving aroud to a photo shoot in her Chevy Impala. she is wearing sandals provided for the shoot. Lots of dialogue between her and 2 male passengers.   Behind the scenes of brake failure scene. Brakes work, but she alternates between pumping the pedals and thumping the floor as she acts out the scene (lots of talking and screaming!!!)
9.99   9.99   9.99

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