Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years doing business, we’ve gotten a lot of the same questions over and over. This is the place to find those answers.

Are you looking for models?

A. We are always open to working with new talent. If you are interested in modeling for us please use the Talent form to apply and tell us who you are!


A. We are open to working with all body types, all races/ethnicities, and all styles. the only requirement is that you want to model, and are open to our style of photography!

Q. Do you shoot with male models?

A. As a photographer, I shoot with everyone depending on the project and compensation. However, women are the only models featured on this site. If you are interested in booking a shoot for your portfolio, use the (talent)

Q. I am not a model but i love your work! Are you available for photo sessions?

A. Absolutely! We offer headshot, glamor portraits and boudoir sessions for non-models who want stunning photos for themselves, their business or for their special someone. Request a quote and booking using the contact form. If desired, you may be featured as a model using the photos from your session. Who knows, this can be the beginning of a modeling career.

Q. Do you pay models?

A. Experienced Models may be Paid for select projects. These are, generally speaking, photos and videos that are commissioned for a client and/or solely intended or to generate profit. Because of this, only those who are experienced or who have demonstrated professionalism and reliability may be selected. (note:) paid shoots do not guarantee the return of images. If you wish to get photos back, you must pay for a session or agree to a TFP session.

Q. What if i have gauged ears, tatoos and/or face piercings?

A. All styles are welcome and We typically find alternative models often the easiest to vibe with! That said, models looking for paid work should be aware that clients are MUCH pickier than we are. Many clients will NOT select models that have uncoverable tattoos or unremovable jewelry. Inability or unwillingness to remove certain jewelry or cover tattoos may unqualify you for many paid opportunities.

Q. What is TFP?

A. TFP is a trade agreement between the Photographer and Model where The concepts and images produced should be mutually beneficial. Sometimes that means the photographer has a concept that you want in your portfolio. other times that times you come up with a concept the photographer wants in their portfolio. win-win for everyone. When you model for us, the number of images you receive back is predetermined and you are allowed to use them on social media, marketing and to generate profit such as with patreon or by selling prints. terms and conditions apply.

Q. What kind of “commercial” shoots do you do?

A. Clients commission us to produce images and videos featuring models of their choice. Other times we produce our own concepts for sale on our own. This typically means (but not always) fetish concepts. It may also be music videos or promotional photos/videos and short films. Clients may also purchase photo sets and videos that are already completed. note: images from non-commercial shoots may still be made available or purchase by the model or by customers.

Q. What do you mean by Fetish?? is this porn!??

A. We do not produce pornography or sexually graphic material. However, we may shoot subject matter deemed mature. (Think PG13 and R rating). Fetish is a tricky word with many meanings. While we are reluctant to use it to define our work, it’s difficult to describe what we shoot in any other single word. We are aware that for some, the word has a strictly intimate sensual connotation and others it means bedroom activity such as BDSM or attire such as leather and latex, and for others, it may mean a weird obsession. For us, a fetish is simply finding beauty and aesthetic in the unconventional or the non-mainstream; Appreciation for body parts and situations that the average viewer finds mundane or just taken for granted. A woman wearing sandals, Dangling loose-fitting shoes, or pushing car pedals can be tantalizing to some, but without seeming scandalous or provocative to others. It is our goal to express this idea through art and photography without making it sexual, or weird. Fetish, when viewed in this light, can be clean fun, artistic, safe, and non-compromising to one’s values. That said, If a model isn’t comfortable with any specific concept proposed, it will be respected and they will not be asked to model/perform it. Due to recent internet censorship and people’s unpredictable biases, all image labeled fetish is considered mature. Even though the content may be perfectly innocent.

Q. What fetishes do you shoot?

We primarily specialize in non-sexual foot fetish, pedal pumping, and light forms of bondage, but we are open to more. Send us your concepts or commission a custom video

Q. What is Pedal pumping

A. A category of foot fetish pertaining to cars and focused on feet operating the pedals.  Brake failure is a subcategory, based on cliche Hollywood film trope where the bad guys cut the brakes and the hero/heroine drives out of control pumping the brakes to no avail. (on inexplicably dangerous roads that prevent other means of slowing (see tv tropes for more) or visit our store to see our films and videos.

Q. Do you shoot nudes?

A. No. We do not shoot images containing full nudity. However, some images may contain partial and implied nudity. Upskirt and bikini area shots may be included in this but will always be discussed in advance.

Q. Where do you shoot?

A. We are located in Southwest Michigan, about an hour and a half drive from either Grand Rapids to the northeast OR from Chicago to the southwest. we primarily shoot outdoors with an occasional indoor shoot in interesting spaces and lighting. We do studio work on rare occasion as most concepts we enjoy require us to be on location. Currently, we are able to travel anywhere between southwest Michigan, Chicago and Grand Rapids, Michigan. Depending on assignment, limited travel outside of these areas is possible.

Got a question we haven’t answered? Need clarification of something already discussed? Leave a comment below and it will be answered and added to the FAQ!

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