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A mistake in recent Video Title

just a heads up to those who purchased Bad Mechanic 4. it should actually be titled Bad Mechanic 5. You may notice only Bad Mechanic 1, and 2 were previously released. The reason we are on 5 now is there are actually 2 other videos shot ..featuring Camilla and Sophie respectively. Expect to see those out in the near future. In the meantime, you may want to rename your file so that when the true Bad Mechanic 4 comes out, it does not cause a conflict or confusion. But if you don't' care it is fine either way. 🙂

Excuse me, but what happened to your YouTube channel?

its gone

I mean, is there a reason you deleted your channel?



And could you by chance upload the preview for Brandy Christmas BF?

alot of previews have gone missing and i'm in the process of replaceing them.