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Dailymotion and new free videos

hi, what do you think about upload some old videos on dailymotion channell? And when we can see the free video of "Rina in pink heels? Thank you

rina pink heels is up now

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Hey. I was wondering if you could upload the full film of Jonbenet Barefoot BF (or, if not, some other barefoot bf full film?)

no.  sorry. 

Sorry for being too specific. I just would like to see any barefoot bf full video from you. (my area)


i understand. i am not going to release any videos upon request.  I'm releasing them as I wish and i have a variety. sorry if some of them are not to your liking. some will be barefoot. others won't.  dont' forget you can buy lots of barefoot BF thats sale. 

Do you still have runaway Car

I do. i will upload Runaway car 1, 2 and 3 this weekend. thank for the reminder. 

Hey SPYDER ! Concerning the video titled "Stuck in betrayal", can you present in free video only the scene showing Meg who, after freeing her foot from her shoe, has her barefoot glued to the pedal car, please ? (Because the cranking and brake failure's parts don't interest me)