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Gave a review on the wrong video

Hello there

I was to give a review for the video "No Stopping Selena" but I ended up by submitting it in "No Stopping Stella". Maybe you can change it on your database or delete it and I'll give the right review on "No Stopping Selena".

Another thing is a request, if possible. I'd like to try creating an animation with true pedals. Is it possible to get a few pictures from pedals from the right and left view? Like "No Stopping Selena" and others, you have a full perfect side view of the pedals and foot. But just with the pedals, no foot. 🙂

Let me congratulate you for this particular video, it really looks like a kind of a mini drama film with a story script. Excellent idea indeed! Looking forward for more videos like this one. Really great!

Thank you

thank you for your comment and your patronage!    i don't have a way of editing comments but you can certainly go ahead and leave the same review on NO Stopping Selena and I'll remove the one off of Stellla.   the funny thing is both of those were custom videos for the same guy which is why their outfits and footwear are similar.. we just went a bit more in-depth with the script and ..yes..thank you... i am also a filmmaker and wanted this one to be viewed more like a film than a straight-up fetish video.  


as for photo  references, sure, i may be able to spare some screen shots of those views just before the model enters the car.  I recommend joining Cain's art of PP discord so we can share your animation and any references with others in the PP animation community.  i can post them there when i get a chance.