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Issue with free videos

So due to some fuckery on youtube's age restrictions....videos that are age restricted can no longer be embedded and viewed on third party sites such as ours. Even tho we do not post age inappropiate content, we have made it a point to age restrcit every video posted on youtube, since youtube ends up doing it anyways. but, this means ALL of my videos are now unplayable. while a few of user submitted videos that have not been age restrcited are still fine..this may change. My suggesion for those who wish to submit videos is to use another services such as Daily Motion. this is very much supported by GWNB.

over time i will be updating GWNB videos so that they are hosted here and not on youtube. this way i can take back control and prevent playlists and unauthorized sharing.

Not sure if this is of your concern, but some of your free videos are physically not playing for me (using tablet)

which ones?

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For example the 2 new free videos, on my iphone are unplayable, the error is network fail or file format. This happen with every browser