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site Changes

for those wondering..  or may have missed the updates page..i figured i'd outline exactly what's happening behind the scenes.

gwnbstore domain name is up for renewal and i have decided not to renew. the original idea was to separate the store from free content and provide a portfolio of sorts fo my photography.  recent events have caused me to rethink this decision.  so instead, I am overhauling the website as well as consolidating everything into just girlswithnobrakes. that means no more gwnbsgtore.   I will also be deleting the stuck-girls forum because only ONE person uses it.  The store will remain active for stuck content. all free videos and images will be restored eventually.  

The Photos available on this site will not be from my general photography shoots. content here ONLY come from shoots that were part of a GWNB video shoot. stuck-girls or other fetish-oriented shoots. 

also, Spyder0 Productions will no longer be associated with GWNB. I considered doing away with it entirely. but, due to the name I've made for myself in the local modeling/ photography industry..and my logo is pretty cool, ... I intend to keep using for non-fetish purposes. . That brand will now be used strictly for my general, mainstream photography. thought the occasional fetish style image may pop up once in a while. 
So, If you see a spyder0 productions logo on just means it was made before this decision and I haven't re-watermarked it.  going forward ALL new images and videos featured on this site will only be branded GWNB, stuck-girls, or ..the upcoming girlswithprettyfeet. 

Those interested in seeing my photography portfolio may view it on Instagram @spyder0productions .  Keep in mind that this is general photography so there are models who may not necessarily be down for fetish content, and many have never done a video shoot. you may also see some familiar faces that have or will in the future. but assume anything on that account  is NOT intended for fetish purposes

please bare with me through these changes....

The good news is in the midst of all this, the forum and store should remain fully functional. ..perhaps with minor glitches here and there. but hopefully very minimal.  

as always let me know if you see something not right.. outside of these mentioned changes.