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Spyder0's YouTube videos not playing

I've discovered an issue with Spyder0's videos including the old animations, they don't seem to play within GWNB anymore which could include videos embedded in threads.

I suspect the issue could be tied to a YouTube change regarding age restricted videos. Previously you could watch age restricted videos outside YouTube even in other sites/apps such as Discord and Fandom but YouTube has removed that option and forces you to watch within YouTube. This means the embed trick or typing nsfwyoutube will no longer work. Here's an image showing what happens if you try to play an age restricted video outside YouTube (or using the embed trick):

I suppose this change could be bad news to the pedal pumping, brake failure, stuck, bondage, and giantess/shrinking community since these videos tend to age restricted even if the video doesn't contain anything that would be considered 18+. Sure brake failure videos could be graphic or scary if the victim happens to crash and severely injure or kill herself but there's no way a simple pedal pumping video or anything just showing female feet would be considered as "18+ content" according to their Community Guidelines.

yeah i noticed that too but didnt know that's what the reason was.  no worries. i had planned to move all videos off youtube over time away. i will start accelerating those plans