GWNB request form

Aspiring filmmaker or animator? Do you produce videos of your own? GWNB allows you to share your work and have it featured in the gallery. you ALSO may use us as a platform to monetize your work and make a profit. use the form below to apply. subject to review and admin approval.


Content in the form of videos, links, text, photos or any other type of electronic data that you submit must adhere to our community guideline, terms and conditions. By filling out this form and choosing to contribute content, you also agree to the following terms and conditions. :

NO content of any kind that pertains to, contains, depicts, or feartures minors, or any persons under the age of 18 is permitted

NO content containing, depicting, or featuring graphic violence, nudity, or explicit sexuality are permitted

NO content that contains, copyrighted content or content that has been created or owned by a third party is permitted.

This means that YOU must have created or own rights to the ALL of the content you post.. the only exception we allow are snippets from television film and advertisement We hold the belief that such content falls under fair use because they do not infringe upon, replace or represent the actual full product. however, the original copyright owner has the final say and we will comply with any requests to remove such content.