Name: Kerida

Born: c. 1986

First shoot: december 2010

Height: 5’4″

Shoe size: 8.5

Drives Manual: No

Number of shoots: 3

Kerida was the last model of 2010. She was a young art/nude model who had a little bit of experience prior to her first shoot with us. She is also the first model to pose for photos using a real camera. (prior shoots were all done using low-end video cameras and 8-megapixel cell phone my first taste of what it is like to photograph a model. .fun fact: when we met, kerida had already grown tired of the modeling/photographer community and was looking to quit and move on to bigger and better things……but despite this, she expressed a desire to continue shooting for GWNB. she came back to complete 2 more shoots before moving away out of state.