Name: Lala Vulvaria

Born: circa 1970

Height: 5’2″

Shoe size: 6.5

First shoot: 2010

Tatoos: Yes (Lots)

Number of shoots: 1

Active: No

LaLa was the 2nd model to shoot for GWNB and the first to had prior performing experience. Lala Vulvaria is a stage name, as she is also an accomplished burlesque and circus performer. she is also an actress who has appeared in many local indie films. She appears in teh following vidoes and photos.

Brake Sabotage Director’s cut

Lala’s 1st meeting

Photos from the day Lala auditioned for GWNB. She was not asked to dress up for this, but she may have been caught off gard and wwas nto expecting to be on camera that day. These are the only photos taken of her.