Terms and Conditions

By agreeing to model for Spyder0 Productions and appear on this site you agree to the following terms and conditions

I, me My, model, and model’s–  persons performing, acting, modeling and posing, on camera who consents to have their image captured.
Photographer:   photographer, videographer or any person capturing, editing, or distributing My Images, operating under the name spyder0 productions or on behalf of spyder0 productions.
Image(s):   photographs or video footage or illustrations or any derivative work containing a model’s likeness, voice, performance, and property.
Full Nudity: refers to Fully exposed body parts such as breast including nipples, buttocks, and Genitals
Partial Nudity: Refers to partially exposed body parts that if fully exposed would constitute full nudity. examples: the side of breasts (side boob), or breast with nipples covered or obscured and buttocks or crotch area covered or partially covered by clothes, underwear, lingerie, bikini or thong.
TFP: Time for photos (or trade for pics):  A type of non-financial compensation agreement between a model and photographer for their time and the rights to use their image.  Example: model is paid in photographs and photographer is paid In the models time.
Good and Valuable consideration:  Anything of value offered in exchange for time and services rendered.  This can be financial compensation or it can be edited photos, time, or other professional services.  Model and photographer may either negotiate what is good and valuable or they may decline to work together.  A signed model release signifies that the consideration accepted and received was good and valuable.

  1. I acknowledge and understand that, in accordance with the United States copyright law, the photographer owns the copyright to all images photographed; specifically copyright act of 1976 which states that the photographer owns the copyright of an image at the moment an image is taken. This is true regardless of TFP, being paid, or paying the photographer (unless I contract the photograph as work-for-hire).
  2. I understand and agree that in the event that I receive a pre-determined number of image back from my shoot, the photographer is granting me limited usage right of their copyrighted image; which is limited to my personal use, in marketing on my website or social media, and physical prints and copies which I may give out or sell privately, unless further rights have been transferred to me by the photographer on another written agreement.
  3. I agree that I do not have the legal right and thus shall not myself or allow others to alter, edit, crop, or filter images in any way without the express permission of the photographer. Not only is this illegal, but is disrespectful to the photographer and their artistic vision.
  4. I agree that any altering, editing, cropping or filtering of images on my part, shall be kept private and not be shared publicly on social media without the express permission of the photographer
  5. I agree that I am not entitled to any financial compensation or royalties, except for the good and valuable consideration previously offered, agreed upon and received as signified by a signed model release, or any other written agreement made with the photographer.
  6. I understand and acknowledge that the photographer respects my privacy and that my real name, contact info or image may be hidden, removed or kept private at my request. I  understand that while the photographer will make a best effort to accommodate my request in good faith, there is no legal obligation to do so and that once my image has been published it is impossible to guarantee complete removal due to the nature of online data.
  7. I agree to not hold liable the Photographer, licensees, or assigns or any person working on behalf of spyder0 productions or girlswithnobrakes.com, for any damages as a result of images containing my likeness being used, published, distributed or marketed.
  8. I agree to respect the photographers time by arriving on set or on location, at the time specified and to be in costume, in makeup, and ready to work by the time the photographer is ready to begin capturing my image. A 30-minute window will be allowed before cancellation and forfeiture of the shoot
  9. I agree to honor my agreement by staying for the entire duration of the shoot and completing all requested shots. Failure to honor this voids any prior agreement and the photographer is under no obligation to fulfill their end until the shots are completed.  In the case of an unforeseen emergency, I may return to complete the shoot at a later date at no further cost to the photographer.
  10. I agree to not interfere, or allow anyone to interfere with the progress of the shoot either by their presence, conversation, phone call, text, or anything that may cause a distraction to myself or the photographer during the session, Notwithstanding a legitimate emergency.  Unnecessary interference may result In cancellation of the shoot and forfeiture of compensation or future shoots.
  11. I agree to respect the photographer’s talent and artistic vision by bringing, or wearing any and all requested clothing, shoes, makeup, and/or nail color, or communicating within 24 hours of scheduled shoot time  If I am unable to do so.   Unwillingness to comply may result in cancellation and forfeiture of future opportunities.
  12. I agree to respond to emails, calls, and texts about the shoot from the photographer within 24 hours of receiving them. Failure to do so may result in rescheduling or cancellation.
  13. I agree to communicate, at the time of booking, any upcoming or recent,  significant or permanent changes to my appearance such as  hair length and color, visible tattoos,  face piercings, or gel manicure    This also includes unplanned changes such as new bruises, sores, scars, or deformities that were not visible in prior photos or in person.
  14. I agree that I will not intentionally make permanent or significant changes to my appearance after booking and before the shoot, without prior communication and approval for the photographer. After the shoot and prior to the next boking I am free to do as I please with my appearance.
  15. I agree that failure to meets these requirements may result in cancelation of the shoot and forfeiture of future shoots
  16. I agree not to hold photographer responsible or any such cancellation as a result of my failure honor these terms.