Welcome to  Girlswithnobrakes.com

Photography blog and portfolio of Spyder0 Productions, featuring strikingly bold and colorful images of beautiful women, fashion and cars. 

Our Story

The name GIRLS WITH NO BRAKES began back in 2010 as a project to create pedal pumping and fetish films in a cinematic way.   The name was a play on words based on a classic tv trope called brake failure combined with a niche, yet often poorly produced fetish concept. The goal was to see if it could be done realistically using cinema techniques and gorgeous and talented women to play convincing heroines.   What began as a hobby quickly turned in to a small side business.   Models and actresses were recruited to complete these projects and were always to wear specific fashions and footwear to appear on the video. Photo shoots showcasing the models, their outfits and the cars,  were incorporated in order to help promote the videos.

Fast forward to today; the name, girlswithnobrakes has since been rebranded.  There is still the occasional video production but, the primary focus now photography. The name has also taken on new meaning: “Women without limits! ” in honor of the many women who’ve graced our images. The aim is to create and safe fun and an empowering outlet for any and all the women who wish to take part and be featured.    Currently, Girlswithnobrakes is made up of one male photographer and many female models.  But is our hope to expand and incorporate other like-minded creatives and professionals and act as a sort of collectively made up of others who share our vision.  Girlswithnobrakes is referred to as  “we”. and “us” to support that vision. 

What we do

Our passion is an artistic expression and our business is in creating beautiful images in the form of photo or video.  We specialize in glamor shots and short films using local professional models and performers.
The only thing we love to photograph more than beautiful women…. is beautiful cars.  Preferably both women and cars together!  Every year we hit the road to attend international car shows such as Detroit and Chicago auto shows,    as well as various regional shows throughout the year. 

Our Services

We also offer many services to non-models and aspiring professionals.
We offer reasonable rates for the following:

    • Fashion and Glamor portraits
    • Boudoir Sessions
    • Portfolio creation
    • Website design
    • Custom Photos and Videos
    • Music Videos and promotional videos. 

Located in West Michigan, we work with top talent and some of the most beautiful women in the midwest to create these stunning images! We are always looking for new talent to collaborate with and feature our site!
On our pages, you’ll find talent from various other disciplines including film and theater and burlesque!
We work with amateur models as well as seasoned professionals. On occasion, we even get the chance to work well-known,  freelance models who you may have seen on film, on television and other websites.

 We welcome all types of women ranging from  Short to  Tall, petite to plus-sized, and including  ALL races, and ethnicities. There is NO limit!  If you want to model for us, chances are we want to work with you!

Our Style

Our Images are bold and colorful, and sexy but always classy and tasteful.   Styles of photography you’ll see include fashion, glamor, lifestyle, boudoir, and fetish.
Our models most typically are seen fully clothed in revealing attire and accentuates legs, feet, and footwear such as dresses, skirts, open toe high heels,  sandals, and bare feet. (with limited exceptions for weather, concept and commissioned work)

The vast majority of images featured on girlswithnobrakes.com meets these criteria, though we still attempt to incorporate the personal styles of each model into every shoot. This way,  it is a true collaboration. 
 You will see a variety of styles including alternative, goth, “girl-next-door” glamor, pin-up, lolita, catgirls, cosplay, to name a few. 

Let’s Do Business

Let’s work together or let us work for you!

  • Inquire about custom photos and videos using the custom form or…
  • Hire us to take your glamor shots and make your portfolio, and you may be featured as a “guest” model. also, a great way to start a portfolio.
  • Inquire about paid modeling gigs and performing opportunities for reliable, professional models, actresses or performers.
  • Amateur and beginner models may qualify for TFP on a limited basis. terms and conditions apply.  Go the Talent section to find out more!

Want to know more? Visit Frequently Asked Questions!