This is the official website and digital marketplace of GWNB FILMS. GWNB films create high-quality videos and short films focused on beautiful women, pretty feet, and sexy shoes. We primarily cover the genres of pedal pumping, brake failure, and stuck-in glue.

Our Story.

Girlswithnobrakes started in 2010 as a film project. The goal was to show that it was possible to produce high-production quality brake failure videos in the style of Hollywood productions, while also catering to the pedal pumping community. Over time we grew and incorporated more professional models, actresses, and high-quality camera equipment. Today we are the #1 producer of brake failure videos in the world!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Pedal pumping?
A. Pedal pumping or “PP” is a non-sexual fetish or paraphilia or fantasy where one enjoys the sight of people(typically women) pressing and/or “pumping” the pedals of a vehicle. this can also apply pedals of any machine or instrument (sewing drums, pianos..etc) but cars and vehicles are the most common. bicycle pedals, incidentally are never considered in pedal pumping.

Q. What is “Brake failure”?
A. Brake failure or “BF” is a subgenre of Pedal pumping that is inspired by classic tropes in tv and movies, books, and mystery crime stories. see the article about this on TV TROPES for more. In the BF scene, the car brakes are tampered with or malfunctioning, and there are close-ups of the driver pumping desperately pumping away at the brakes while trying to steer the car and not crash. This is challenging to film compared to most other PP genres. We were the first to film “BF” videos using filmmaking techniques, multiple cameras, and editing. We are also one of the only studios that disable the brakes for the pedal shot to get the proper effect of the pedal going all the down to the floor. T This project is what originally inspired the name GirlsWithNoBrakes.

Q. What is Stuck-in-glue?
A. Stuck-in-glue or stuck-in-goo is inspired mostly by cartoons. but also appears in other media. see TV tropes article on this also. In a stuck scene, a character would inexplicably find themselves (usually their feet) in tar or glue that stretches but won’t break as they pull their feet to no avail. This is created to some level of comedic effect with real live people. Various substances can be used but the 2 most common are melted bummy bears or Rat traps glue. both are non-toxic and relatively easy to clean up.

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note: This site contains NO nudity, obscene or adult content. however, all content may be considered as mature and not suitable for all audiences. All performers appearing in GWNB films and content herein are and were at least 18 years of age at the time of production.