Welcome to GirlswithNobrakes.com. Girlswithnobrakes or “GWNB films” is he number one producer of brake failure films in the world!. We also specialiize in video and glamor photography featuring beautiful women, pedal pumping, cars, and fashion with special appreiciation and attention paid to the female foot and footwear.

Our Story.

Girlswithnobrakes started in 2010 as a film project with a simple goal – to produce high production quality brake falure videos in the style of hollywood productions but that appeal to members of the online pedal pumping community. After the first successful shoots using cheap basic equpiment and amateur models..it was evident that we had achieved our goal and proved it could be done. Over the years, we grew to incorporate more professional talent, high qualidy video production, and beautiful photography.

“Why brake failure?” some may ask. Brake failure is inspired by a trope in fiction, in which a vehicle has no brakes when the driver needs the the most. Most often this is due to the brakes being tampered with by the “badguys”. This results in a thrilling scene where the car is out of control with the driver desperately pumping the brakes to no avail. (see tvtropes.com magic brakes ). This trope appeals to a certain subset of the foot fetish and pedal pumping community….known as BF fans.

GWNBfilms produces films by employng the talents of beautiful models, burlesque performers and actresses. The result is a unique hybrid between artistic filmmaking, and tantalizing fetish video production. Other tropes and genres we produce include but are not limited to , Car cranking (won’t start), Stuck in mud, and Stuck -in-glue and more.

Our site features a video store to purchase our films and a free video gallery containing BF scene snippets from tv and movies as well as original videos prodcued by us and by fans. There is also a photo gallery featuring all the gorgeous “Girls” that have graced our lenses over the years. For those who wish to take part in the community we gave a discussion Forum and Discord server for chat and behind the scenes updates and information.

If you have questions please check out our FAQ page. You may also contact us for more information, business inquiries and modeling opportunities by using our contact page.

note: This site contains NO nudity, obscene or adult content. however all content may be considered as mature and not suitable for all audiences. All performers appearing in GWNB films and content herein are and were at least 18 years of age at the time of production.