apparently, this needs to be reiterated from time to time…the way to get a hold of me for anything is NOT via comments on posts or videos. there is a big fat CONTACT button on the main menu. there is also an email link at the top of the page. That is how you get hold of me. Please do not leave comments on videos unless you just want to talk about how much you like them. Requests, support, comments, and suggestions should be sent directly to me at the links provided. please and thank you!

Instagram and branding clarification

Just a little FYI to my faithful fans…I made a mistake in the social links. The Instagram link has been updated to go to the official Instagram of GWNB films. This is the only Instagram where PP and foot videos will be posted

Keep in mind that Spyder0Productions produces mainstream photography and other things. many of the women you see in those photos will never appear on the site and do not wish to be linked to the content here. because you may never know which ones do and which ones don’t…..simply remember that Spyder0 Productions does not advertises or promote PP or foot video content. Do not post comments or DM the models about such content. GWNB’s Instagram will also contain very few tags and links to models. I have been asked before why some models are not tagged or how to find certain models’ social media. the answer is Only the models who actively advertise modeling for that content will be linked and tagged on GWNB. asking for a model’s social media when it’s not publicly disclosed is stalker behavior and will not be tolerated or obliged.

New Refund Policy!

in 2022 GWNB will no longer offer refunds on any purchases. What will happen instead is that you will be given a credit toward the next purchase. The reason for this is some people have a tendency to make the same purchase repeatedly then ask for refunds. this would be fine except the fees I pay for each transaction arent returned to me…I cannot simply reverse the transaction. that means that for every refund, I am losing $1.50 on average. money that would not be lost had the transaction never taken place. Truthfully, There is already a no refund policy in place that was not really enforced because I was just being nice. but from now on that will change. before checkout make sure you only purchased 1 copy of a clip. and if you have any issues downloading DO NOT .. I repeat DO NOT purchase it again. contact me via the contact form and I will help you.

Morgana and Gremlin videos

I originally conceived GWNB as a place for other creators to monetize their content. Well, The time has come to drop this idea due to the cost and effort of maintaining this idea. Overall it has not been as successful as originally hoped. It’s been a fun ride, but sadly, like all things, it must come to an end. GWNB will remain open and exclusively feature videos produced by GWNB films. I’d like to thank Morgana and Gremlin for participating and I fully support their ventures going forward.

Models offering customs

this is an FYI to anyone who finds offers from prior GWNB models to do custom videos on social media. please know that they are doing this on their own with no input or help from me. GWNB is not involved in any way shape or form. This is NOT, to tell you not to do business with them. This is only to advise caution that you should not expect the experience to be the same as what you would get going through GWNB….For better or worse. So just keep this in mind and please do not contact me with comments or criticisms from any customs you get. I also regret to inform you that I am no longer offering custom videos. This may change in the future if and when I can find new reliable talent with whom to do business. thanks again for all your support and keep an eye out for new videos on GWNB