10 years!!

WE made it..this month marks the 10th anniversary of GWNB. Not the website per se,  as that didn’t get created until 2013. But it was 10 years ago in July when I first met Sif..and she became the first model to do a Brake failure video.     I recently asked people what screen test with would like to see…and Sif was mentioned.  I previously thought I  lost all Unedited footage of her..turns out I DID NOT!! i still have the old Hi-8 VHS tape that I recorded her screen test on. and the camera I used still works after 10 years of moving around,  sitting in boxes and dusty garages.  So I was able to capture the footage and make it available for you all to see here!

A longer behind the scenes version can be found in the video section of the site.