Morgana and Gremlin videos

I originally conceived GWNB as a place for other creators to monetize their content. Well, The time has come to drop this idea due to the cost and effort of maintaining this idea. Overall it has not been as successful as originally hoped. It’s been a fun ride, but sadly, like all things, it must come to an end. GWNB will remain open and exclusively feature videos produced by GWNB films. I’d like to thank Morgana and Gremlin for participating and I fully support their ventures going forward.

Models offering customs

this is an FYI to anyone who finds offers from prior GWNB models to do custom videos on social media. please know that they are doing this on their own with no input or help from me. GWNB is not involved in any way shape or form. This is NOT, to tell you not to do business with them. This is only to advise caution that you should not expect the experience to be the same as what you would get going through GWNB….For better or worse. So just keep this in mind and please do not contact me with comments or criticisms from any customs you get. I also regret to inform you that I am no longer offering custom videos. This may change in the future if and when I can find new reliable talent with whom to do business. thanks again for all your support and keep an eye out for new videos on GWNB