2010 Models

The year that started it all. In July of 2010, I made the big move from paying other people to create poorly made brake failure videos and making animaitons…producing high quality live action brake failrue films inspired by tv and movies I grew up on. And thus was the birth of what would become GirlswithNoBrake.

Here are all the women that were recruited that year. some would return in following years.


Born: c. 1986

First shoot: July 2010

Last Shoot: August 2010

Shoe size: 7.5

Height: 5’4″

Drives a stick: no

Sif was the First ever model for girlswithnobrakes. She was not a model in the traditional sense. she simply was the first person to answer a casting cal on craigslist for “girls driving with closeups of their feet acting out brake failure” it took all of 5 minutes after posting it for her to respond. the rest..is history

Sif appears in the following videos

  • Downhill Brake Failure
  • Sticky Predicament
  • Bad Brakes
  • Ultimate Sexy Sandal BF
  • Downhill Terror
  • Untitled custom.

Lala Vulvaria

Born: c. 1971

First shoot: september 2010

last shoot: september 2010

Height: 5’2″

Shoe size: 6

Drives a Stick: no

Lala Vulvaria is a multitalented Aerialist, burlesque, and circus performer as well as an actress who has appeared in a local few indy films. She was the 4th model to shoot with us. Lala shot with us only 1 time

She appears in the following films:

Brake Sabotage (part 1 and 2)


Born: 1983

First shoot: September 2010

Last shoot: September 2010

Shoe Size: 8

Height: 5’4″

Drives a Stick: no

Kindi was a young single mother, not necessarily a model who was in town for a short time. She answered a craigslist casting call and we hit it off well. Kindi completed 1 shoot that produced 3 videos

Kindi appears in the following videos:


Born: c. 1970

First shoot: October 2010

last shoot: May 2011

Height: 5’7″

Shoe size: 8.5

Drives a Stick: no

At age 40, was older than most other models to appear in GWNB movies..but no less hot!. Dakota was perhaps the first true model, having done modeling in fitness and editgorial genres before. As far as i know she had not done fetish work prior and looked to be more of a businsess woman in her daily life… This made it suprising to find her so open minded about shooting these concepts. Just goes to show, you never know until you ask. Dakota completed 2 shoots this year and the following year…but sadly all footage that was not previously released has been lost. She appears in the following:

  • Runaway Car (Sandals
  • Runaway Car (red pumps)


BORN: 197??

First shoot: November 2010

Last Shoot: November2010

Shoe size: 9

Height: 5’8″

Drives a stick: no

Annabella was another lovely mature model with a rockabilly/pinup model style. Sadly we didn’t get to know any more interesting facts bout her before losing touch. she completed 1 shoot with us.

She appears in the following films:

  • Runaway Car 2


BORN: 1984

First shoot: December 2010

Last Shoot: April 2011

Shoe size: 8.5

Height: 5″6′

Drives a stick: no

Kerida was a talented young model experienced in posing for artists. She was crecruited through the website modelmahem.com,which marked the first time i was able to see what a model looked like prior to contact. Fun fact, she let me know that she was quitting modeling, in part do to moving and in part do the drama of the model/photography community… But she was still more than happy to shoot 2 more times after the first shoot Kerida completed 3 shoots with us. Sadly, much of that footage was lost forever.

She appears in the following films:

  • Brake decline
  • No stopping Kerida
  • Runaway car 3
  • Sell or Die.