New shoots for 2021

Welp, Year later, after pain and tragedy, to new vaccines and new hope for the future, I have once again begun shooting new videos. Just completed a shoot with these 2 ladies. Kayla and Kilee. Kayla, you may know from other videos and is a regular GWNB model. Her friend Kilee however is brand new to modeling and acting. Here is Kayla and Kilee. Videos coming soon.

First blog post

Whatsup Peeps. It’s ya boy Spyder. Trying this again… have been wanting to start a blog or podcast where I talk about things on my mind. pedal pumping, filmmaking, photography dealing with models, dealing with mental health, the foot fetish community, the content creation industry…. and just everything pertaining to what I do here with GWNB. The podcast and live streams of productions in progress are still in the works. I will see how this goes first. If I can get into a rhythm and not slack off too much.

and yes still working on new videos, remasters of old videos, and in the process of updating the website with some other new content!

free videos

been a while since I touched base with an update. a lot of people have been complaining about issues with the free videos and a few people have had issues downloading purchased videos. the 2 problems are somewhat related as the file hosting I was using is less than perfect. I have just implemented a new dedicated video host to fix both issues…new free videos have been added to test this out and over time I will be moving older videos both free and for sale to the new host.

Whats also new in the free video section, is that by clicking on the title (not the thumbnail)it will take you to a page where you can read and post comments on the video. just like youtube! would love to get some feedback as some of those videos haven’t been seen in a long time or haven’t been seen before!

As always, thanks for all your support and continue to contact me via the forum,DM, email or Discord with any suggestions, requessts or support issues.

Download issues

A few people have reported 404 errors when downloading the latest stuck-in glue video Stuck as F**k. for some reason the file went missing a few hours after it was posted. The issue has been rectified and downloads are working. however, to ensure this is not a part of a bigger issue. I will be monitoring things. please use the contact form or the email link at the top of the page if there are any more issues found.

another smaller issue is that every once ina while, a user with certain internet connections will fail to be able to download files entirely. it appears to be limited to only ISP such as cable and DSL providers.. and not mobile networks. Please also inform me if this is your issue…it seems to affect only about 1 percent of the people who purchase …but I want to help in any way I can and I can provide an alternate link if you are unable to download it.

A mistake in recent Video Title

just a heads up to those who purchased Bad Mechanic 4. it should actually be titled Bad Mechanic 5. You may notice only Bad Mechanic 1, and 2 were previously released. The reason we are on 5 now is there are actually 2 other videos shot ..featuring Camilla and Sophie respectively. Expect to see those out in the near future. In the meantime, you may want to rename your file so that when the true Bad Mechanic 4 comes out, it does not cause a conflict or confusion. But if you don’t’ care it is fine either way. 🙂

Issue with free videos

So due to some fuckery with youtube’s age restrictions….videos that are age restricted can no longer be embedded and viewed on third party sites such as ours. Even tho we do not post adult content, we have made it a point to age restrcit every video posted on youtube, since youtube ends up doing it anyways. but, this means ALL of my videos are now unplayable. while a few of user submitted videos that have not been age restrcited are still fine..this may change. My suggesion for those who wish to submit videos is to use another services such as Daily Motion. this is very much supported by GWNB.

over time i will be updating GWNB videos so that they are hosted here and not on youtube. this way i can take back control and prevent playlists and unauthorized sharing.