I am officially done with making custom videos and do not ever intend to go back to making them. This does not mean there won’t be new content. There are many new videos on the way. Just know that from now on I will be focused only on concepts that I came up with on my own and editing past videos that have not been released yet. Thanks to everyone who bought one in the past.

There are some models I’ve worked in the past with who offer custom videos. They are doing this on their own and have no association with GWNB. Please do not contact me about them or their work. Also keep in mind that past models do not have the resources to produce videos of the same calibre of GWNB. You should set your expectations accordingly.

StuckinGlue Videos are Back baby!

Announcing the return of stuck videos. well they never went away, i just stopped working on them But…I’m back trying to fit them into the reschedule with all the other videos people are requesting. there’s lots more to come!

Last Job 2 -finally released after 6 years!

so way back in 2016 Brandy and I filmed one final brake failure video. Photos and screenshots from this shoot were teased over the years but due to various circumstances, I was never able to complete the video. well, the day has finally come.

Last job 2 is similar to the Last Job starring meg, which was also Meg’s last shoot with us. I always come up with a title and plot long after the video has been shot and usually during or after editing. sometimes that means I come up with something new but other times what I end up with is something that fits a familiar theme that came before.

Sometimes I have a long friendship with models but sometimes we part ways after only a few shoots. sometimes what seems like a long friendship ends poorly. as an artist I am sensitive to these things and it always takes its toll. for that reason, some videos that have emotional baggage attached, may not see the light of day for months or years. giving the final video a title like Last Job is catharsis, but as a disclaimer, I harbor no ill will toward anyone. Though the scenes may end morbidly..this is done purely for artistic expression and has nothing to do with my feelings or any interest in seeing someone hurt.