Model Bios Updated!

Updated the model’s page to include bios for every model. This page is still a work in progress with Links to their videos and photo galleries for many yet to be included. But if you were ever curious about a model, her age, how they were recruited, or what they’ve done with GWNB…now you can see that every model listed.

You will notice that models are divided by the year they were recruited. their Ages are listed based on how old they were at that time. You will also notice that for 2020-2021, there were no NEW models recruited. This is due to the pandemic and some personal things that kept me away from shooting. however happy to announce that we returned to regular shoots and recruitment in 2022! New models will be added to the list soon and Hopefully even more in 2023!

Camrie BF 60fps update

Hey peeps. to anyone who purchased yesterday’s latest clip Camrie 100MPH BF … I wanted to let you know you can redownload it for a complimentary 60fps version. you have 3 days from the date of purchase to download and redownload so the update will automatically be what you download if you try again. However if for some reason you missed the opportunity…just send an email and I’ll reenable your download for the 60fps version!

Instagram and branding clarification

Just a little FYI to my faithful fans…I made a mistake in the social links. The Instagram link has been updated to go to the official Instagram of GWNB films. This is the only Instagram where PP and foot videos will be posted

Keep in mind that Spyder0Productions produces mainstream photography and other things. many of the women you see in those photos will never appear on the site and do not wish to be linked to the content here. because you may never know which ones do and which ones don’t…..simply remember that Spyder0 Productions does not advertises or promote PP or foot video content. Do not post comments or DM the models about such content. GWNB’s Instagram will also contain very few tags and links to models. I have been asked before why some models are not tagged or how to find certain models’ social media. the answer is Only the models who actively advertise modeling for that content will be linked and tagged on GWNB. asking for a model’s social media when it’s not publicly disclosed is stalker behavior and will not be tolerated or obliged.

Category error

I just discovered the most recent clips of Selena were miscategorized as brake failure. they are in fact pedal pumping (candid driving) and Stuck in mud (car stuck in glue). the latter doesn’t really fit in the stuck-in-mud category as it does not scratch the itch for most stuck fans, seeing as the tires don’t spin. however, it is the closest thing to it and other are SOME stuck fans who might get a kick out of it. let me know if you want to see more of that kind of video!