as some of you know I expired the gwnbstore domain a while back. That may have been a bad idea because, once it left my ownership, that domain has been taken over by malicious websites. that means any outdated links or bookmarks will take you there and put you at risk. I apologize for this if it happens to you. I have made considerable effort to go through the site and delete the old links but I more than likely have missed a few. if you encounter this, please back out of that malicious site and shoot me an email to let me know where this link is so I can fix it. also, update any bookmarks you have and remember to ONLY use


I just want to say that I appreciate all those who support this site by purchasing clips and giving feedback. comments and reviews are more than welcome, whether positive or negative. however, please do not include requests for “next time” or “wish she was wearing something else ” type of comments on store clips. that is not helpful.

first, I will not take requests in that form. if you want to see something, in particular, there is only 1 way it can happen. And that is a Custom video that you must pay for to be shot via your specifications.

Second, a review is for you to tell us why you liked or didn’t like a clip that you chose to watch…so if a clip is shown in the preview to not contain your favorite footwear, outfit, or scenario ..then why purchase it in the first place?? So don’t buy the clip and then say that wish it was something else. unless of course, I mislead you in some way …..

note: until further notice, there are no custom videos requests being accepted. I will still take suggestions via direct contact; I just may have a pre-shot video that fits what you are looking for. But keep in mind there are no promises if or when it will be done.

New Old videos

A lot of people have been asking about videos that were once on the site for sale in the past but are no longer available. I’ve been working behind the scenes to bring many of them back. some will be upscaled in 1080P, while others will just be reuploaded as their original quality. If you are looking for one in particular and do not see it, drop me a line and perhaps i can tell you the status of it.