2016 Models

in 2016 there were very few new shoots and even fewer models recruited. our focus switched to photography as opposed to videos.


Age: 19

First shoot: April 2016

Last Shoot: April 2016

Shoe size: 8.5

Height: 5’3″

Drives a stick: No

Modeling Status: inactive

Mallory was discovered in the audience at a burlesque show. After chit-chatting about potentially modeling, she revealed she desired to be in burlesque. We used our connections in the burlesque community to help her become a part of Super Happy Funtime (the same show as Brandy, Lala, Camilla, and Jonbenet ). After helping her out it was not hard to get her onboard to shoot with GWNB. we did one test shoot that was part of a trade photo shoot. It went well considering she never drove a car before and it was her first time acting on camera. There was test footage shot but She never returned for a regular shoot.

She appears in the following films:



Age: 28

First shoot: June 2016

Last Shoot: June 2016

Shoe size: 9

Height: 5’9″

Drives a stick: Yes

Modeling Status: inactive

Britney was the friend of and a model for a fellow photographer who arranged for us to meet and do a shoot. She was interested in acting and agreed to do a test brake failure video. we completed a test shoot that provided photos for her and the shoot yielded some interesting test footage for GWNB. she did not return to do another.

She appears in the following films:

Candid Driving in Sandals


Age: 23

First shoot: April 2017

Last Shoot: October 2019

Shoe size: 7.5

Height: 5’4″

Drives a stick: Yes!

Modeling Status: inactive

Gothess was a friend of a friend who was referred to us to appear in a Halloween-themed movie. that did not materialize but she remained a close friend and muse for photography until we finally brought her on board to be a GWNB model. we completed 3 shoots. She has since moved on to bigger and better things.

She appears in the following films:



  • The age listed is the age they were at the time of their first appearance in a video. That means many of them will be much older now
  • Models listed as active are potentially available for future booking and custom videos. although, there is no guarantee of this.
  • Models listed as Inactive are not available at all. This could change; but in most cases, we have lost contact or they have moved out of the area or stopped modeling altogether.
  • TBD means that videos are shot, editing has not been completed, final video has not been released, but may be in the future.

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