new suprise BF

My good friend and fan favorite model Kayla came back to visit this past December. Didnt have a ton of time to do shoots so we mostly just hung out …but we shot a little something before it was time for her to go. it turned out better than anticipated so decided to release it a full video. if you don’t like stiff brake pedal pumping, this one may not be for you. but if you’re a fan of Kayla, pretty feet and aggressive pumping….give it a look.

Last Job 2 -finally released after 6 years!

so way back in 2016 Brandy and I filmed one final brake failure video. Photos and screenshots from this shoot were teased over the years but due to various circumstances, I was never able to complete the video. well, the day has finally come.

Last job 2 is similar to the Last Job starring meg, which was also Meg’s last shoot with us. I always come up with a title and plot long after the video has been shot and usually during or after editing. sometimes that means I come up with something new but other times what I end up with is something that fits a familiar theme that came before.

Sometimes I have a long friendship with models but sometimes we part ways after only a few shoots. sometimes what seems like a long friendship ends poorly. as an artist I am sensitive to these things and it always takes its toll. for that reason, some videos that have emotional baggage attached, may not see the light of day for months or years. giving the final video a title like Last Job is catharsis, but as a disclaimer, I harbor no ill will toward anyone. Though the scenes may end morbidly..this is done purely for artistic expression and has nothing to do with my feelings or any interest in seeing someone hurt.

Raw footage is back. Sort of

A while back, I sold raw uncut footage from shoots that were never edited or released as videos. They were pretty popular, but it became apparent quickly that the majority of people who bought them were unimpressed and/or disappointed by what they got. Not sure what the expectation was, but It seems some of you didn’t read the description and/or failed to understand what raw footage is.

Raw footage is footage that comes right off the cameras. it includes all the stuff you don’t see in the final video, including talking and boring stuff between the director and model. What’s more important tho, is that raw footage is made up of many separate clips that have to be put together like puzzles to create a coherent sequence or story. This is especially true of Brake failure which is not real and entirely faked through camera work and editing. This is usually done by someone skilled in video editing software and that has an understanding of storytelling. when you see a final video, ALOT of work has gone into making it watchable and enjoyable.

When filming, it’s always best to shoot MORE footage than necessary ..this makes choosing which shots go where much much easier. But this means that quite often, some good PP action can be cut and does not make it into the final video. Other times, there wasn’t much footage to begin with or the model’s performance was lackluster. In those cases, it may be necessary to do some clever re-using, re-timing, and repeating of shots to make the final video longer and/or more enjoyable. This is all about a typical part of filmmaking and video production.

I stopped selling the raw footage because it was very difficult to explain and I got too many complaints. On top of all that, the footage was expensive and very large. This made them difficult to host and serve. In the end, I felt that continuing to sell the footage was doing a disservice to the customer.

However, because I don’t want good pedal pumping to go to waste and never be seen, I decided to bring the raw footage back in a new form. PEDL SHOTS ONLY.

Now you will be able to buy uncut pedal shots…

If you have the skill, you can use this to make your own edits but it will be limited since it will not include face shots or road shots or anything else. They also may or may not contain talking and banter between myself and the actresses. That said, I’m doing this primarily for those who just want to see PP and don’t care about acting and face shots. and if people like to play with uncut footage too that’s a bonus.

The downloads are all the uncut PP shots straight from the camera strung together in one long clip.

They will generally be priced less than a final video and much much less than the FULL uncut footage that I used to sell.

For those who still don’t understand….. let me make it clear. these Raw clips are NOT completed videos. They are not BFs or Cranking clips shot all at once. They are basically extended behind the scenes of the model’s feet pushing pedals (and maybe some extra shots of hands turning the key or pulling the e-brake )

Models offering customs

this is an FYI to anyone who finds offers from prior GWNB models to do custom videos on social media. please know that they are doing this on their own with no input or help from me. GWNB is not involved in any way shape or form. This is NOT, to tell you not to do business with them. This is only to advise caution that you should not expect the experience to be the same as what you would get going through GWNB….For better or worse. So just keep this in mind and please do not contact me with comments or criticisms from any customs you get. I also regret to inform you that I am no longer offering custom videos. This may change in the future if and when I can find new reliable talent with whom to do business. thanks again for all your support and keep an eye out for new videos on GWNB


I hate posting negative stuff like this but it has to be said. I cannot have users of this site taking images and videos and resharing them to social media, youtube, or whatever. I removed my videos off of youtube for a reason. after a couple models voiced their discomfort with the media being out there publicly. When i shoot with a model they all sign an agreement that my videos will be on MY website(s). IF they start showing up on other people’s social media pages and youtube channels, that is not only theft, but it negatively affects MY reputation with the models. Especially if I previously took them down from social media at their request. They won’t necessarily know that someone took liberties they shouldn’t have. all they know is that it appears I didn’t keep my word. there are some models who don’t mind it. but you don’t know which ones they are, and it are not your content to do as you please anyway. EVEN if you pay for a custom video, the copyright belongs to GWNB. so DO not share anything you get from here. Even if you pay for it and even if it’s free. ALL content is intended to be exclusive to GWNB or other sites/social media that I designate. If you do dumb stuff like this, then you are affecting my ability to create new content. so just dont. If you like the content….just enjoy it here. please and thank you.


I just want to say that I appreciate all those who support this site by purchasing clips and giving feedback. comments and reviews are more than welcome, whether positive or negative. however, please do not include requests for “next time” or “wish she was wearing something else ” type of comments on store clips. that is not helpful.

first, I will not take requests in that form. if you want to see something, in particular, there is only 1 way it can happen. And that is a Custom video that you must pay for to be shot via your specifications.

Second, a review is for you to tell us why you liked or didn’t like a clip that you chose to watch…so if a clip is shown in the preview to not contain your favorite footwear, outfit, or scenario ..then why purchase it in the first place?? So don’t buy the clip and then say that wish it was something else. unless of course, I mislead you in some way …..

note: until further notice, there are no custom videos requests being accepted. I will still take suggestions via direct contact; I just may have a pre-shot video that fits what you are looking for. But keep in mind there are no promises if or when it will be done.

Things that annoy me

Just a small rant, not directed at anyone in particular. I’m a busy person. between life, this website, and creating videos, trying to take care of my health and the health of my elderly parents…. there is never a time when I’m bored. never. in fact, I have not been bored in almost 6 years. more often than not my downtime is spent recovering..worried about the next thing i need to get done. Leisure time is a luxury..usually comes after 10 pm. i sleep at 2 or 3am so that means I really only have 4 hours to play video games or just relax. and truth be told often I spend that time working on website stuff.

I say all this to say, I get really annoyed when people ask me about future videos. Custom videos are one thing, but on occasion, I get fans asking me about videos that I’m working on, videos I’m not working on, videos that are already done that were removed for a reason, website updates, etc etc. it aggravating mostly because I really really do enjoy talking to fans and I really want to do stuff that people want. I just can’t. I can’t simply stop everything I’m doing and focus on what someone else suggests or wants. I am not currently accepting custom videos and I’m not currently shooting new videos. but I AM trying to maintain GWNB, put out technical and support fires, and edit hundreds of videos (yes I said hundreds) that have been shot over the past 6 or 7 years and were never seen before. its is very likely that not all of them will ever see the light of day. but if you are patient with me and allow me to work at my own pace I promise you will see a lot of them. some with favorite models from the past videos, some with never before seen models . There is virtually no reason to ask about future videos other than curiosity. nothing anyone says is going to make anything happen outside of my current plans.

all that said, I really appreciate all of my fans, and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support. It’s the one thing that keeps me going when i feel like quitting. so..thanks. just…don’t asked me nothing about it! just kidding. i am open to chat as many of you have done. i am open to answering questions. just keep these things in mind when you do. Thanks peeps

New shoots for 2021

Welp, Year later, after pain and tragedy, to new vaccines and new hope for the future, I have once again begun shooting new videos. Just completed a shoot with these 2 ladies. Kayla and Kilee. Kayla, you may know from other videos and is a regular GWNB model. Her friend Kilee however is brand new to modeling and acting. Here is Kayla and Kilee. Videos coming soon.

First blog post

Whatsup Peeps. It’s ya boy Spyder. Trying this again… have been wanting to start a blog or podcast where I talk about things on my mind. pedal pumping, filmmaking, photography dealing with models, dealing with mental health, the foot fetish community, the content creation industry…. and just everything pertaining to what I do here with GWNB. The podcast and live streams of productions in progress are still in the works. I will see how this goes first. If I can get into a rhythm and not slack off too much.

and yes still working on new videos, remasters of old videos, and in the process of updating the website with some other new content!