Kayla Christmas BF

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Kayla is driving home at night when her brakes stop working on her van.


It’s late night downtown and Christmas music is playing in the background as Kayla walks to her van.  once she gets in she reapplies her lipstick, takes her shoes off and lets her hair down, ready for a relaxing drive.  while driving she floors it speeding down the highway. but when she sees construction ahead she tries to brake…only her foot pushes on the brake pedal, NOTHINg happens! runtime. 3:40sec

note: If you like stiff brake pedal brake failures, this one is for you. if you like barefoot driving and aggressive brake pumping..this one is for you. if you like traditional BFs with the pedal going to the floor…you might want to pass on this one

1 review for Kayla Christmas BF

  1. Craig Singleton

    I like kayla videos, I’m hoping she does more brake failure wearing ballet flats or jelly flats. She the best model, l’ve ever seen.

    • SPYDER

      just posted one in flats. 🙂

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