Late and Stuck 3

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Annette gets her gladiator sandals and feet stuck in glue and can’t get her buckles undone!


Annette is late to a  modeling shoot and has to park far away so she has to walk the rest of the way. To save time, she decides to take a shortcut that goes under the street by the river. she walks up a set of steps only to find her feet inexplicably stuck in some sticky substance left by who knows who! Even though she’s in public, None of the people passing by can see her..and the sound of the river and window drowns out her voice so no one can hear her as she struggles and asks for help. she struggles to lift her feet but her gladiator sandals stay hopelessly stuck while her pretty feet pull desperately against the straps. She tries to unbuckle her sandals but they won’t get undone! Before long her feet are stuck IN her shoes! will she be stuck here permanently?



2 reviews for Late and Stuck 3

  1. Carlos diaz

    That is the best stuck video ever!
    Oh and can you please make Stella stuck 2,3 and put this and stuck in the parking lot 2&4 on YouTube please!

  2. Carlos Diaz

    Best video ever!
    Oh hey tim if it’s okay to upload the full video of late and stuck 3 on youtube or bit that would be awesome!

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