Elimey is in Trouble

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Elimey drives around, lots of gas pedal and brake shots.  then her brakes fail!  wearing toe cleavage stilettos.


Elimey is waiting in a coffee shop reading a magazine. the camera gets close-ups of her beautiful arches as she dangles her high heels off her feet.   Outside,  the bad guy cuts her brakes. When she gets a text that she needs to go,  she packs up to leave, gets in her car, and drives away..unaware that her brakes have been tampered with.  She drives casually for a few minutes with plenty of shots of her high-heeled feet operating the gas and brakes and even floors it a few times to make up for lost time. At one point, when she applies the brakes, she notices something is wrong and pumps them…only to squirt out the last of her precious brake fluid.  She continues driving and speeding until she needs to slow down and then SUPRISE! no brakes!! the car continues speeding and she pumps the brakes frantically while begging her car to stop

p!  runtime 9 minutes

1 review for Elimey is in Trouble

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    Excellent work !!!

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