Downhill Terror 2 Director’s Cut

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Marisa brake failure in high heel cut-out sandals.


Marisa, a researcher at the university has just recently published some controversial findings.  Her work, it seems, has pissed off the wrong people.
She leaves work on afternoon. and we see her walking to her car with the clickity clack of her heels hitting the pavement. We get close-ups of her feet as she walks, her toes painted the perfect shade of sparkly red. She gets to her car and drives away..but unbeknownst to her her brakes have been tampered with!. On the way home her brakes feel mushy but she brushes it off. but before long she is on a big steep hill and when she tries to brake, her foot sinks to the floor. She pumps her brakes to build pressure..but to no avail…. see what happens! buy the video. runtime 6 minutes.


note : Same movie as Downhill Terror 2 (Barefoot) only in this version she keeps her shoes. on.  This was the original intent of this video. It was originally conceived as remake of the Brakefailure from the movie Jade. A shortened green screen remix was done previously so i chose to do the longer barefoot version first. But Now finally the full video with footwear is completed as intended. I believe it is a superior edit to the barefoot one!

1 review for Downhill Terror 2 Director’s Cut

  1. Habsman (verified owner)

    Awesome job once again. Camera angles were great. Loved Marisa!

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