Tamper’d Brakes 2

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Brandy loses her brakes while barefoot and going 90MPH on winding roads.


Bonus footage from a shoot with Brandy in 2016.  Someone cuts the brakes on her Honda Accord while she is inside a gas station buying drinks and snacks. She exits the store looking cute in a dress flip flops and hat. She takes her flip-flops off to drive barefoot.  she likes to floor it and ends up going way too fast for the speed limit! But when she needs to slow down on a steep hill…SUPRISE! NO BRAKES!! runtim 6minutes 30 sec

1 review for Tamper’d Brakes 2

  1. 14082002

    Title: Tampered Brakes 2
    Car: 1991 Honda Accord
    Model: Brandy
    Outfit: Denim jacket, yellow dress, and barefoot.
    Summary: An unnamed person goes underneath Brandy’s car and cuts the brake lines. He leaves afterwards, with brake fluid spewing onto the ground.
    Shortly afterwards, Brandy comes out of the minimarket and climbs into her car. She lets go of her flip flops, and puts them on the carpet. She starts her car, puts the car into gear and reverses out of her parking lot. She presses the brake pedal to stop at the entrance to the minimarket, not knowing that she is spilling precious brake fluid out. She lets go of the pedal and merges onto the road. Brandy then pushes the brake pedal to turn left onto a mountain road, spilling even more brake fluid out of the cut brake hose. Nevertheless, she continues on and slams her foot on the gas pedal, causing the speedometer needle to jump up to around 60 MPH. Brandy wasn’t satisfied enough, so she pushes the gas pedal even more and the speedometer needle is now reaching 70 MPH. Brandy is now enjoying her drive, right up until she wants to slow down. She puts her foot on the brake pedal, but it went to the floorboard this time around and with the last of the brake fluid leaking out. Brandy got worried very soon, and pushed the brake pedal a couple more times to no effect. Eventually, she began pumping the brake pedal frantically and could only watch the speedometer needle keep rising to 80 MPH. Occasionally, she would hang on as best as she could while negotiating through the corners. All the while, her foot is pumping the brake pedal in the hope of slowing her car down, but to no avail. Brandy watches as the speedometer needle now reaches close to 90 MPH, exclaiming that her car keeps getting faster. Then she sees a three-way junction with a road under construction ahead. Brandy tried one last futile attempt at pumping the brake pedal as fast as she could, but it was all for nothing. Brandy can do nothing but scream and cover her face as she goes into an inevitable crash.
    The End.
    Review: Honestly, I didn’t expect much going into this video. The fact it’s using unused footage from the Sell or Die 2 video didn’t give me much hope. But to my surprise, it actually turns out to be a neat video that has some good things going for it.

    I’ll start with Brandy’s acting. Her body language and facial expressions are just as good as in the “Sell or Die 2” video. In fact, I would say her expressions and body language are slightly more expressive in some parts than that video, though that’s just my opinion. However, her pumping action is an improvement as now her bare feet is pumping the pedals, and it looks really good. It’s probably better than the two versions of SoD 2, even though I’m not a big fan of barefoot in general. Overall, a decent performance from Brandy all things considered.

    The rest of the video is pretty well-executed given its origins as a video put together from unused footage. There is good coverage on the pumping action, as well as camera angles that portrays Brandy’s pumping style pretty well. The editing is also very nice, and I also like how the pacing of this video is just great and straight to the point.

    Overall, this video has surprised me in a good way. Not only were Brandy’s performance pretty decent, but everything else is up to par with other GWNB videos in terms of pumping action and production value. While it’s not a masterpiece, it is a decent offering for any BF fan looking for Barefoot clips.
    Rating: 7.5/10

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