Elimey in trouble!

Finally released a video i had been holding on to for a few years. My good friend and muse , who I’ve talked about over the years but never shown. not only did it take me a while to edit this…took me a while to work up the nerve to ask her to shoot brake failure to begin with…..Let us know…was it worth the wait?

Bad Mechanic 4! finally released

Shot this 11 years ago in 2013! man time flies. finally released in 2024, this is one of Camilla’s final videos with GWNB. this also marks the completion of the Bad Mechanic videos shot thus far.

side note: I had previously named Bad Mechanic 3 Alana’s bad brakes. that was an oversight on my part…as it was originally the third Bad Mechanic video. So that is now renamed to fall in line with the rest of the videos. See below for the previous videos in the series.

young woman pumping a limp brake pedal with pink converse.

Bad Mechanic 1
Free in the video gallery