Bad Mechanic 4

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Camilla’s brakes are bad but her mechanic is dumb.   told her her brakes would be fine if she just pumps them.  she drives around doing what he told her..but eventually, that stops working and she can’t stop her car!!


The brakes on Camilla’s car are shot! But her mechanic gave her bad advice to keep driving and just pump the brakes to bring them back; giving her a false sense of security that her car is safe to drive. After telling her friend of a previous near accident when the brakes failed on her…she realizes she is running late for some important. she hurries out the door and after brief cranking of her old crappy car, is on her way down hilly roads to her destination.   the brakes hold as she can pump them each time she needs to slow down…each time the car slows down she is less worried than she should be. she even speeds up to way over the speed limit..but on the steepest hill down….pumping the brakes doesn’t seem to work… all!  Lots of driving, flooring and braking with lots of brake pumping. runtime 10 minutes.


2 reviews for Bad Mechanic 4

  1. BF Ryker (verified owner)

    Good things come to those who wait. Shot in 2013 this gem is finally released to the public and I for one am glad we waited. Spyder is on his game and has added in a decade of editing experience to make this video SING!

    First lets chat Camille, she is gorgeous. I have always liked her, but wearing a colorful sweater and purple flats, she has a Girl next door look to her. This makes the story and distress much more believable IMHO. She’s oozes with natural beauty and never over acts or chews the scene with unnecessary dialogue or reactions that don’t feel 100% genuine. We get amazing front views and a passenger view that is to die for, I really got a sense that she was nervous and worried. In short, Camille puts on a clinic for others to follow.

    Next, the pumping. The unique twist to this story is she has been informed that pumping the brakes can help her master cylinder engage the brakes better. So she pumps, and pumps a lot. This works but slowly gets worse until it doesn’t work at all. It’s great to see Camille sigh but then get more and more nervous and pump more rapidly and longer sustained pumping sessions. This is brake pedal porn… It’s AMAZING. The purple flats show off her toe cleavage and I yearn to see what is inside!

    Finally there are some small touches that really added to my enjoyment of the piece. First, there are a few times when we ZOOM in on the speedometer when she is speeding up. This technique really sold me on the speed and the inherent danger of what was coming. I will admit a greater rush than normal when seeing. Second, well placed sounds of the engine racing as she slowly gets her car to go faster. I felt the engine come to life and I was hooked, please give me more.

    This is one you should have for your collection, and I hear there may be a Flip Flop version coming, a definite MUST for brake failure fans!

  2. 14082002

    Title: Bad Mechanic 4
    CAR: Dodge Intrepid
    Model: Camilla
    Outfit: Multi-coloured sweater, black leggings, and a pair of purple flats.
    Synopsis: Camilla is calling her friend on her phone about the harrowing experience where she lost her brakes a couple of days ago. When she brings the car to a mechanic, she was advised to keep pumping the brake pedal in order to build up enough pressure to slow down again. Camilla then remembers that she is late for a meeting and closes the call. She rushes down to her car and gets inside. Camilla turns the key on the ignition, but it refuses to start. After another failed attempt, the car would finally start on the third try. Camilla hurriedly straps her seatbelt in and presses the brake pedal to put her car into gear. She moves her car from the driveway.
    Camilla is now on the main road, where she encounters a hilly descent. Camilla steps onto the brake pedal, but is alarmed at how weak the brakes are and she had to pump them multiple times just to slow down. Not long after, she had to do the process again in order to stop at an intersection. Camilla pushes the brake pedal four times, before she is on the move again. After pumping the brake pedal three more times and reassuring herself that the brakes still work, Camilla pushes the gas pedal to relieve the stress. Not contending with this, she pins the gas pedal even further, with the speedometer needle reaching just above 60 MPH. Once she looks at the speedometer, she realizes that she had gone a bit too fast. She taps the brake pedal a couple more times to slow down, and again on the run to an intersection.
    When she sees the intersection packed with cars in front of her, Camilla moves her feet onto the brake pedal once again. This time, Camilla felt her car is really sluggish to stop and had to pump the brake pedal a lot more than the previous ones. Despite this, Camilla still reassures herself that her brakes are still working. That notion is immediately squashed as she comes across a steep hill. Camilla pressed the brake pedal once again, but this time she got no response. She tries pumping the brake pedal a lot of times, but it doesn’t work this time around. Camilla then had to negotiate a couple of sharp corners, all the while being panicked. Once the road straightens out, Camilla is now terrified that her car isn’t stopping and desperately mashed the limp brake pedal in the hopes of slowing the car down. But no matter how much she pumps to the brake pedal and her pleading to the car to slow down, it still isn’t working. Eventually, Camilla resorts to using the emergency brake and is relieved that it still works. As her car slowly comes to a halt, Camilla is still pumping the brake pedal a lot to just build enough pressure. Eventually, she comes to a halt at the end of the road. Camilla lets out several deep breaths of relief, before opening up her phone to call her mechanic again. She tells him about what just happens to her, and plans to meet with him in order to actually fix her car. She ends the call soon after and leans on the window to relieve her stress.
    The End.
    Review: After just over a decade of sitting on the shelf, “Bad Mechanic 4” has finally been released to the public and it is safe to say that it is worth the wait. In fact, it could very well be one of the best BF clips yet.
    I’ll start with Camilla, because her performance is fantastic in this video. She is able to become a woman in distress quite well, yet carries a natural charisma that comes with her beauty. I also like how she didn’t over-act during the more intense BF scene, and is able to transition between worried to frightened emotions in a believable manner. I also like how her pumping style alternates the positioning of her foot at certain points, yet retains a sense of urgency and weightiness that really enforces her pleas to stop her car.
    This leads to the pumping action, which is by far some of the best BF has to offer. The unique premise, in that Camilla is told to pump the brake pedal a lot to make the brakes work, allows for a lot of great pedal action complemented by Camilla’s great pumping style. It is also helped by great camera coverage, perfectly showcasing how alluring yet desperate it was for Camille as she begs her car to slow down during the part where her brakes went completely out on her.
    The rest of the video is also really well-executed. The pacing is great, having a lot of action while not feeling too draggy and tedious. The camera angles are also pretty good, in particular from the side angle of Camilla. The editing is also really well put together, feeling rather cohesive and tighty conceived. Despite this being the first video in a long time that has no background music, the sound design is good and clear enough to keep audiences interested.
    Overall, this probably stands alongside “Ultimate Sexy Sandals BF 4” as probably one of the best BF clips of all time. Everything, from Camille’s brilliant performance, fantastic pedal action, and surprisingly decent production value, is crafted to the point of making the ultimate BF. I highly recommend it to any BF fans, new and old, as it just goes to show what the BF genre can really do.
    Rating: 10/10.

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