Downhill Terror 2 (Barefoot)

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Marisa wearing a office attire lose while driving barefoot in traffic


Marisa is a brilliant and beautiful research scientist whose groundbreaking discoveries have attracted the attention of powerful and dangerous individuals. After a long and exhausting day, she leaves work and we watch as she walks to her car and takes off her high heels for a relaxing barefoot drive home!

While driving, she notices that her brakes feel softer than normal and she has to put the pedal all the way to the floor before it stops.  But she brushes it off since the car still stops as desired. But later, as Marisa descends a steep hill, she puts her foot on the brake and the pedal sinks to the floor with no response!  Marisa panics as her car picks up speed and she  pumps the brake to no avail in an attempt to maintain control of her vehicle

Video contains multiple camera angles including behind the pedal!!  runtime 6 minutes.

2 reviews for Downhill Terror 2 (Barefoot)

  1. 14082002

    Title: Marisa’s Downhill Terror (Barefoot)
    Car: Pontiac G6
    Model: Marisa
    Outfit: Yellow office shirt, black jacket, black short skirt, and a pair of black high heels that she took off.
    Summary: A man is approaching Marisa’s car and opens the hood. He then went and cut her brake line, before presumably ran away.
    Later on, Marisa walks away from her office and towards her car. She went through two crosswalks before reaching her car and opening the door. After putting her purse in the passenger seat, Marisa unlatches her high heels and puts it on the ground. She closes the door and starts her car up, before driving away from her parking spot. However, she left upon a puddle of brake fluid in her wake.
    On the road, Marisa is relaxed and flooring the gas pedal with her bare feet. She did it a few more times, until she approached an intersection. She presses the brake pedal, only to find it was very soft. Marisa was worried by this, but scoffed at it. She got back on the gas pedal and got moving again. It wasn’t long before she encountered traffic in front of her, on a downhill road. She puts her foot on the brake pedal again, only to find out it went to the floorboard. Marisa, surprised by this, pumps the brake pedal a couple more times to no avail. She began to get fearful as she is now pumping the brake pedal frantically. She even had to avoid the traffic in front of her, and starts to fear she might crash. All the while, both of her feet are mashing the brake pedal repeatedly just to slow down. However, it was all for nothing and Marisa screams as she plows into another car ahead.
    The End.
    Review: This clip might be short and simple, but with a wonderful execution on every aspect.

    I’ll start with Marisa’s performance. She nails the acting of someone that has lost their brakes to near perfection, especially her facial expressions and body language. She conveys the fear of trying desperately to slow her car down just from her dynamic expressions alone, and her body language accentuates that even more. Her pumping style is also great, being rhythmic and weighty at the same time. Marisa’s performance is the highlight of this clip, and a personal favorite of mine even though it was her debut clip.

    The rest of the video was just as well executed. The pedal shots have good coverage and great camera angles, as well as lots of action despite how short they are. I also like the pacing of this clip, being perfect in length yet not too drawn out. I just wish Marisa kept her heels on for the BF, but that’s just my personal opinion.

    Overall, it is a very impressive clip despite how simple it is at first glance. Marisa’s highlight performance, along with good pedal action and great pacing, already makes this clip a worthy purchase for any BF fan. I highly recommended it to any fans looking for some sweet BF action at a shorter and lower pricing, because it is great.
    Rating: 9.25/10

  2. kenneththedrifter25 (verified owner)

    Marissa’s wonderful acting make this a great video!!

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