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Camilla’s brakes are bad but her mechanic is dumb.   told her her brakes would be fine if she just pumps them.  she drives around doing what he told her..but eventually, that stops working and she can’t stop her car!! she pumps the brakes to no avail wearing flip flops


Shorter alt version to Bad Mechanic 4 only she’s wearing flip-flops this time.

The brakes on Camilla’s car are shot! But her mechanic gave her bad advice to keep driving and just pump the brakes to bring them back; giving her a false sense of security that her car is safe to drive. After telling her friend of a previous near accident when the brakes failed on her…she realizes she is running late for some important. she hurries out the door and after brief cranking of her old crappy car, is on her way down hilly roads to her destination.   the brakes hold as she can pump them each time she needs to slow down…each time the car slows down she is less worried than she should be. she even speeds up to way over the speed limit..but on the steepest hill down….pumping the brakes doesn’t seem to work… all!  Lots of driving, flooring, and braking with lots of brake pumping. runtime 7 minutes.

2 reviews for Bad Mechanic 4 flip Flops

  1. hiro.watari (verified owner)

    Excellent video!

  2. 14082002

    Title: Bad Mechanic 4 (Flip Flops)
    CAR: Dodge Intrepid
    Model: Camilla
    Outfit: Multi-coloured sweater, black leggings, and a pair of black flip flops.
    Synopsis: Camilla is calling her friend on her phone about the harrowing experience where she lost her brakes a couple of days ago. When she brought the car to a mechanic, she was advised to keep pumping the brake pedal in order to build up enough pressure to slow down again. Camilla then remembers that she is late for a meeting and closes the call. She rushes down to her car and gets inside. Camilla turns the key on the ignition, but it refuses to start. After cranking her car for a while, the car would finally start on her. Camilla hurriedly straps her seatbelt in and presses the brake pedal to put her car into gear. She moves her car from the driveway.
    Camilla is now on the main road, where she encounters an intersection packed with cars in front of her, preceding a downhill road. Camilla moves her feet onto the brake pedal once again. This time, Camilla felt her car was really sluggish to stop and had to pump the brake pedal a lot more than the previous ones. Despite this, Camilla still reassures herself that her brakes are still working. That notion is immediately squashed as she comes across a steep hill that comes after the intersection.
    Camilla pressed the brake pedal once again, but this time she got no response. She tries pumping the brake pedal a lot of times, but it doesn’t work this time around. Camilla then had to negotiate a couple of sharp corners, all the while being panicked. Once the road straightens out, Camilla is now terrified that her car isn’t stopping and desperately mashed the limp brake pedal in the hopes of slowing the car down. But no matter how much she pumps to the brake pedal and her pleading to the car to slow down, it still isn’t working. Eventually, Camilla resorts to using the emergency brake and is relieved that it still works. As her car slowly comes to a halt, Camilla is still pumping the brake pedal a lot to just build enough pressure. Eventually, she comes to a halt at the end of the road. Camilla lets out several deep breaths of relief, before opening up her phone to call her mechanic again. She tells him about what just happens to her, and plans to meet with him in order to actually fix her car. She ends the call soon after and leans on the window to relieve her stress.
    The End.
    Review: At first, this seems like an exact edit of BM4, only with the flats being replaced by flip flops on the pedal action. In reality though, this is a really different edit with some noticeable changes that are either good or bad.
    I’ll start with the similarities first. Camilla’s performance remains as great as ever, managing to perfectly balance a feeling of fear and desperation in trying to slow hercar down. The plot is also relatively the same as well. But that’s about it for the similarities, as the changes made to this edit are pretty interesting.
    This can be seen right from the beginning, where there are different camera angles to the scene where Camilla talks to her friend over the phone. This is a definite improvement over the flats version, as it showcases more of Camilla’s brilliant performance within the same conversation. The cranking scene is also lengthened, which should satisfy any cranking fan as well. The biggest change though is that the middle portion from the Flats version is completely omitted, as it skips right to Camilla slowing down at the intersection. This omission is a bit of a double edged-sword. On one hand, it increases the pacing significantly, making it much more straightforward and to the point than the Flats version. On the other hand, it severely reduces the pedal action, making it half of the length as in the Flats version. The pedal actions are an improvement though, mainly because it has great coverage through great camera angles and Camilla’s pumping style being more suited to the flip flops. Still, it is interesting to see the premise is delivered in a more compact and straight to the point package when compared to the Flats version.
    So to conclude, the Flip Flops version of Bad Mechanic 4 is an interesting edit of the excellent Flats version, with its own advantages and weaknesses. On the minus side, it is missing the middle portion of the Flats version, which causes a noticeable reduction in pedal shots. On the plus side, there are major improvements in terms of pacing and the pedal action themselves. Whether this version is as good as the Flats version will likely depend on what each BF fan wants. But there’s no denying that it is a very interesting edit and certainly a version that would pique any BF fans no doubt.
    Rating: 10/10

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