Bad Mechanic 3

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Alana goes to meet a friend, she thought her brakes were fixed. she was wrong!


Alana’s brakes are bad .she believes she got em fixed for cheap..He told her all she has to do is pump them! but on the steepest hill in town she finds out pumping them doesn’t work!! what is she going to do??

1 review for Bad Mechanic 3

  1. BFriker (verified owner)

    Thank God this clip was brought out from the archives and brought to life for all of us, it is amazing!

    Let’s start with Alana, she is beautiful and has an attitude. Her choice of wearing flip flops on a chilly day tells us she is someone who does what she likes, and I find that very attractive and refreshing.

    Alana is also a great actress. She sets up the scene in her apartment, how she saved money on her brake job with a sense of look at how smart I am. As a viewer we know what is about to happen and the scene’s emotions are heightened by an underlying sense of oops I made a mistake. Her facial expressions evolve gradually and tell a fantastic story of surprise, anger, nervousness and then fear.

    Finally, the pedal work is amazing! We watch as Alana slowly loses power in her brakes. She tests them periodically, just to see what is going on, just like a real woman would. She coaxes them to stop temporally, using both of her beautiful feet. Then gingerly she goes back to driving like we all want her to. There is energy in her footwork so you can tell she is really trying to stop, and the emergency brake engaging is the chef’s kiss to a wonderfully produced brake failure. Simply one of the best I have ever seen.

    So what are you waiting for? Buy this clip and enjoy a masterpiece from the archives that will not disappoint.

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