I hate posting negative stuff like this but it has to be said. I cannot have users of this site taking images and videos and resharing them to social media, youtube, or whatever. I removed my videos off of youtube for a reason. after a couple models voiced their discomfort with the media being out there publicly. When i shoot with a model they all sign an agreement that my videos will be on MY website(s). IF they start showing up on other people’s social media pages and youtube channels, that is not only theft, but it negatively affects MY reputation with the models. Especially if I previously took them down from social media at their request. They won’t necessarily know that someone took liberties they shouldn’t have. all they know is that it appears I didn’t keep my word. there are some models who don’t mind it. but you don’t know which ones they are, and it are not your content to do as you please anyway. EVEN if you pay for a custom video, the copyright belongs to GWNB. so DO not share anything you get from here. Even if you pay for it and even if it’s free. ALL content is intended to be exclusive to GWNB or other sites/social media that I designate. If you do dumb stuff like this, then you are affecting my ability to create new content. so just dont. If you like the content….just enjoy it here. please and thank you.