The new website I have been working on since before the new year is live. its come to my attention that many people weren’t aware and were still using the OLD address to get to the video store. grrrrrrr. ..perhaps no one reads these announcements?? but at any rate….Girlswithnobrakes has changed. it is now the portfolio and blog of Spyder0 Productions. it features fashion, glamor and fetish photos and mostly non-fetish videos of models…not all of whom have or will appear in brake failure videos. However, does double as the place where you can find who’s currently available or custom videos. I’m using it as a professional website to both recruit models as well as generate more business for my photography. it primarily focused on sexy girls, SOME of whome may appear here or in pedal pumping and fetish videos. So for anyone interested…head over to to see what’s going on. If you just want to look at pedal pumping and fetish videos…..make sure you bookmark