Leona cranking a car that wont start for several minutes then Brake failure video. she wars Keds with no socks. 9:25


The scene opens with Leona talking on the phone in her sweatshirt miniskirt and bare feet. she then leaves to go to a concert, slipping on her white Keds with blue laces before heading out.
First, the car won’t start….then after several minutes of trying she is on her way. She speeds down the wet rainy road at dangerous speeds to make up for lost time.  What she doesn’t realize is her brake line has rusted and is spewing fluid out every time she presses on the brake pedal. On a downhill scary road, she tries to slow down..only..NOTHING HAPPENS. her foot goes all the way to the floor and her car speeds out of control. she desperately pumps the brakes to no avail, careening around curves and hilly roads! runtime: 9 minutes (cranking 2 minutes,  Flooring and Brake failure 4 minutes)


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