Camilla has no Brakes!(Sandals)

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Camilla cranking and brake failure wearing Aldo lace-up sandals.


Camilla is in a hurry and runs to her car and tries to start it..but it does not want to start. She immediately starts pumping and cranking and begging the car to start to no avail. this goes on for a minute before it finally starts. Happy to finally get going, she does not notice her brakes are going all the way to the floor when she pushes on them. She drives down the road toward a steep hill and winding roads, completely unaware that her brakes are sho. that is,  Until a pick-up truck cuts her off and she suddenly needs to slow down. She puts her foot on her brake pedal and sinks to the floor…and nothing happens. Camilla is now desperately pumping away on a useless brake pedal as her car speeds hopelessly out of control! runtime 5 mins

1 review for Camilla has no Brakes!(Sandals)

  1. 14082002

    (NOTE: this is an updated review to this clip with some changes to the review itself. As a result, potential buyers should look into this review instead.)

    TITLE: Camilla Has No Brakes! (Sandals)
    CAR: Dodge Intrepid
    Model: Camilla
    Outfit: Dark blue blouse jacket, black tank top, floral short skirt, and a pair of lace up sandals.
    Summary: Camilla hurriedly gets in her car and tries to start her car, but it won’t turn over. She had to crank it for a while, until the engine finally roared to life. She checks on her makeup, before strapping her seatbelt and pulls out of her driveway. Dhe then presses on the brakes before merging onto the road, not knowing how spongy the pedal is. Once she is on the road, she presses on the gas pedal to speed up. Then she sees a truck pulling up in front of her, and she pushes the brake pedal. However, the pedal went to the floor, which shocked Camille. She pumps the pedal a couple more times to no effect. It isn’t long before she is pumping the brake pedal frantically, all the while begging her car to slow down. After a couple of miles of pumping the brake pedal for nothing, Camille sees a busy intersection coming up. She tried one last time pumping the brake pedal, but it was hopeless. She can do nothing but screams, as she crashes into the oncoming traffic.
    The End.
    Review: This clip is pretty good for a short one. While it is unremarkable at first glance, it could be a nice surprise to anyone underestimating this clip.

    I’ll start with the good ones. Camille’s performance is solid as usual, with expressive facial reactions and gorgeous looks. Her pumping style is really good, being weighty without flopping around every press to the pedal. Overall, I have no issues with her performance on this clip. The pedal shots are clean and have pretty good rhythm, as well as alright coverage through the camera angles. The outfit is also great in my opinion, and is my favorite out of the three versions of this clip. The editing is also pretty well-done as well.

    Now I’ll move to the bad ones. The pacing is just not right. While the BF part was right in length, the cranking scene took way too long. The editing also has slight imperfections, but doesn’t affect the whole editing at all. And that’s all of the negatives I could find.

    Overall, it is a pretty good short clip with a good performance from Camilla as always and decent pedal shots. The odd pacing kind of blots this clip overall, though. As a result, I can recommend this clip to anyone looking for a short BF clip.
    Rating: 8/10

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