I’ve always wanted to do something like this, but my previous store wouldnt allow it. I’m proud to offer a 50 percent discount on ALL videos from now through Monday. Offer expires Tuesday. just use the coupon code BlackFridaySale on check out. make sure you copy and paste or type it exactly as is. thats BlackFridaySale in the coupon section of the check out screen!.

POst in the correct Forums

Just a reminder to everyone to post topics in the correct forums…if you’re not sure to read the description at the top of each category and subforum!

For example: if you have a video to share, that goes in the Pics and vids section. But if you want to tell us about a new scene on tv or in a movie that either hasn’t aired yet or will air soon that goes into TV a Movie alerts.

The whole reason for using these categories and subforms is for future reference…if someone wants to find a video that was posted or info about a TV show they don’t have to hunt through multiple threads of unelated topics…. something i always felt was an issue on past forums.

I am asking my moderators to keep an eye out for misplaced topics and simply move them where they belong, but i hope all of the contributors just keep this in mind also.


Ive been getting a few comments on occasion to videos in the video sore that basically amount to requests and one even talked about a completely separate video than the one he was commenting on. Please do not dot his. REvies are for..ya know…reviews. if you liked the video give it a rating and a brief review of what you did or didn’t like. do not make requests there. or tell me wha you would like to see. there is a spot on the FORUm for that or you can leave feedback by using either the contact form or by private messaging me!


The new website I have been working on since before the new year is live. its come to my attention that many people weren’t aware and were still using the OLD address to get to the video store. grrrrrrr. ..perhaps no one reads these announcements?? but at any rate….Girlswithnobrakes has changed. it is now the portfolio and blog of Spyder0 Productions. it features fashion, glamor and fetish photos and mostly non-fetish videos of models…not all of whom have or will appear in brake failure videos. However, does double as the place where you can find who’s currently available or custom videos. I’m using it as a professional website to both recruit models as well as generate more business for my photography. it primarily focused on sexy girls, SOME of whome may appear here or in pedal pumping and fetish videos. So for anyone interested…head over to to see what’s going on. If you just want to look at pedal pumping and fetish videos…..make sure you bookmark Vs is changing. This was meant to happen beginning of the year but was delayed due to unforeseen cirumstances. Please Keep in mind that this website you are on currently has the address GWNBSTORE .
There was a coming soon page up for Girlswithnobrakes at the end of 2018., but after the first of the year, it began redirecting back to GWNBSTORE. However, that site is going live this week. So, If you are still using as a book mark i suggest you delete that now because soon you will no longer be redirected to GWNBstore. As part of rebranding myself, I am turning “girlswithnobrakes” into a mainstream brand geared more toward photography. I envision it in the vain of a girls & cars mag mixed with Suicide Girls… A place to showcase beautiful women, fashion and cars in high rest beautiful photos and videos not necessarily catered to fetish crowd. it will feature many of the photos and women ive worked with over the years as well as new ones some of whom my come available for Pedal pumping and fetish videos.
The idea is to separate the video business from my mainstream photography will still apppealing to fans of both. sooo. Once again…if you see a different site when you go Girlswithnobrakes..dont be alarmed. Bookmark to keep buying videos. 🙂