Charge Backs

If you have trouble downloading a clip, please DO NOT I repeat DO NOT file a dispute or a chargeback. This will not help you get your clips. In fact, it will prevent you from doing so ever again.
This recently happened where a customer had some issues downloading. I admit My mistake was using an outdated link…something I can easily fix. But instead of contacting me directly, he went to PayPal (my CC processor) and filed a dispute. Despite me correcting the issue and giving him alternate download links, Paypal ruled in his favor because I could not prove it, and debited the funds. The customer was able to download the videos as well as get his money back. good for him, bad for me, and bad for future videos being released. It makes me unhappy. So from now on, if anyone decides to go this route without first seeking resolution from me, their account will be disabled and they will be banned from future purchases. if you want to support. the correct way to get help is to email using the Contact Form. use the correct email address to receive a prompt response.

One thought on “Charge Backs”

  1. What an asshole, he should have sent you the money back and apologized as he literally got clips for free

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