2010 Models

All of models from the very first year we began filming.


Born: c. 1986

First shoot: July 2010

Last Shoot: August 2010

Shoe size: 7.5

Height: 5’4″?

Drives a stick: no

Sif was the First ever models for girlswithnobrakes. Sif was not a model but answered a casting call to be a part of our project. when asked how she felt about the idea of brake failure videos as a fetish, her response was “well its pretty its harmless”. Sif completed 4 shoots with us before moving on. We wish her the best.

Sif appears in the following vidoes

  • Downhill Brake Failure
  • Sticky Predicament
  • Bad Brakes
  • Ultimate Sexy Sandal BF
  • Downhill Terror
  • Untitled custom.


Born: 1983

First shoot: October 2010

Last shoot: October 2010

Shoe Size: 8

Height: 5’4″

Drives a Stick: no

Kindi was a young mother in town for a short time. She was our 4th model to answer a casing call for a brake failure video. In the shoot we also did a stuck in glue scene. She moved away shortly after our shoot so were not able to book a second.

Kindi appears in the following videos:


Born: c. 1970

First shoot: October 2010

last shoot: May 2011

Height: 5’7″

Shoe size: 8.5

Drives a Stick: no

Dakota was the 3rd Model to shoot with us. She was a businesswoman and part-time fitness and glamor model. We consider her the first true model to answer a casting call. While not a fetish model per se, she had no issue with the concept of brake failure videos. Dakota completed 2 shoots. unfortunately, all footage from the shoot has been lost. 🙁

Lala Vulvaria

Born: c. 1970

First shoot: september 2010

last shoot: september 2010

Height: 5’2″

Shoe size: 6

Drives a Stick: no

Lala Vulvaria is a multi-talented woman. A Burlsque performer and actress who has appeared in a few indy films. She was the 4th model to shoot with us. Lala shot with us onlyh 1 time

She appears in the following films:

Brake Sabotage (part 1 and 2)


BORN: 197?

First shoot: November 2010

Last Shoot: November2010

Shoe size: 9

Height: 5’8″

Drives a stick: no

Annabella was a lovely mature we met at the end of fall 2010. What was stircking about her was her very classy 1950’s pin-up look. She never revealed her age and We didnt get know her well enough to learn any more interesting facts about her.

She appears in the following films:

Runaway Car 2


BORN: 1984

First shoot: December 2010

Last Shoot: April 2011

Shoe size: 8.5

Height: 5″6′

Drives a stick: no

Kerida was a talented young art model, who was experienced in posing artists. However she answered our casting call in december of 2010 and was very interested in acting in video. She was a hit! she shot with us 3 times before moving away in spring 2011. what made her super cool was she was actually in the process of quititng modeling due to the stress and drama of the model/photographer communityh. however she LOVED working us so muchs he returned 2 more times. sadly only 3 films were ver completed and relaeased with her (with 2 alternate versions). there was much more footage that was lost and will never be seen.

She appears in the following films:

Brake decline

No stopping Kerida

Runaway car 3

Sell or Die.