From the old BFstory forum. still one of my favorite stories of all time!

by Fernando. 

Sabrina, is an 18 year old brunette with straight hair and blue eyes. She pulls her car into the driveway, her heart about to jump out of her chest. Even turning of the car, her hands still grip the wheel. Her foot is still plastered on the brake pedal. After regaining her composure, she leaves the car and goes inside. Once inside, she grabs the phone. Sabrina calls her best friend, Marianne.

-Hi, Sabrina, Whats up. You sound frightened.!
-“I…. almost had a car crash. “
-Oh, god!. are you alright? What happened?
-I dont know… I was just driving along calmly. , not speeding or anything. What do you do when you going down an off-ramp?
-step on the brake….?
-“Dammit, I stepped on the brake.. and my foot sank.. clear down to the floor. The brakes were out!!”
– Wow. So what did you do?
-“I swerved, otherwise I’d have gone into the back of a trunk
-I was pumping the brake pedal like mad… I couldn’t stop screaming; I was so desperate.
-I looked down and I had my foot all the way down.. I mean all the way.. The pedal was completely limp.
-I pumped and Pumped.. And finally the brakes came back. All the rest of the way home I was in tears.
-I was soooooo freaked out. I was scared I was gonna lose my brakes again “.
-How could you drive the car with the brakes in that state? Remember last week?
-You almost crashed the car then.. The brakes were out then too, weren’t they?

-“Yeah, that day the brakes failed about 3 times. But I didn’t think much of it. I guess I thought it was normal.”
-So… take it to a mechanic.
-“For sure.. .. theres no way I’m driving it again!!”
-Thats good to know. So what else is new?
-“Oh yeah, do you remember those black retro 80’s flats we saw? Bought em!!
-I’m wearing them right now. They are delicious. They are so cute with a miniskirt and no socks.
-They are so soft and comfortable to drive in. Way better than spike heels. Don’t ya think?”
-I guess, but I dont mind driving in heels…..
-Ok. Hey I got another call on the line… I’ll talk to ya later, k? bye.
-Bye, and Take care of those brakes!!! heee heee, Marianne said mockingly.

Sabrina switched the phone to the other call. It was her boyfriend calling to break up with her. And offered no explanation.. He is an asshole but she likes him alot. Sabrina feels horribly lost. She’s a fear of being alone.. And now thanks to her boyfriend, she feels like trash. She begins to cry. Frustrated and sad, and angry.. She looks for her car keys.

-“Where… Where the the heck are my Car keys?”

Sabrina’s little foot digs deep into the gas pedal. The speedometer needle moves to 100 kph. Speeding comes easy with her barefoot in the flat.almost as if inserting into the pedal. Sabrina is typically a careful driver… but her mind is not on self preservation now. Sabrina sees a truck a little ways ahead blocking her way. Usually, she’d let up and apply the brake. Instead, she sinks her flat even deeper into the gaspedal as she dangerously passes the truck. Her legs shift nervously as she works the gas pedal.. so much that her short miniskirt rides up.. Her thighs are now showing almost completely. With Tears still rolling down her face, Sabrina sees a red light. Hatred mixes with Deep Sadness.. And she lifts her foot up a little. then sinks down again.. She files through the intersection, running the red light… nearly hitting someone. This realization brings her back to reality.. Sabrina now lets off the gas and rests her foot softly against.. bringing the car back to a calm 50 kph/h

-“That asshole isnt worth risking my life over.. ” Sabrina thinks to herself.

Sabrina is more calm but is still in need of venting her feelings on someone. She decides to head to marriane’s. On the way, there are series of curves and slopes separating her from Marriane’s house. As she approaches the first curve, Sabrina starts to apply the brake. The curve is approaching too fast. Her foot sinks deeper into the brake… deeper and deeper until. The pedal touches the floor the distances causes her leg to stretch completely. As her foot is arched holding the pedal down with her toes. Sabrina’s mind recalls the same feeling she had earlier that day. Her small bare foot., enveloped in a s delicate shoe that helped her control speed with such skill.. now doesnt find any thing at all.. . She was so affected by her feelings about her breakup that she completely forgot she had bad brakes.

– “Take it easy. Its notthing…”.THUD ….Sabrina tries to remain calm…hoping upon hope that her brakes kick in. THUD
-“Everything’s fine…evertyhings…” THUD THUD
-“I DONT HAVE BRAKES !!!” ! Sabrina screams out loud to herself

Its no use pretending anymore.. Her leg is completely stretched putting the the pedal down to the floor with her toes. She can feel the pedal once again is completely limp. Eyes kept on the road. She doesn’t want to watch her foot desperately hitting the brake with all her strenthgn.

. The curves approach and threaten Sabrina.

“Uuhhhhhhh.”. She moans while skillfully turning the wheel to make the curves.

Her cute foot, sockless, fights with the pedal and finds no resistance. Her Smooth hands grip the wheel tightly. The sound of the pedal hitting the floor board is terrifying.. but Sabrina becomes more frightened watching her foot sink into the brake pedal.

-“Its so low….. this is terrible. When the brakes are fine my foot doesn’t go down this low. But now its hitting the floor!!!”. Sabrina though nervously to herself.

-“No!! I dont want to crash!!” she cries out of control.
Sabrina Swerve! left, right.. Out of controll she cuts the wheel.

“Why? Why did I take the car???!!” – Sabrina cries out loud, reproving herself

The curves continue.. THUD THUD THUD.. The brake repeatedly slams

Sabrina drives, whining. “I have no brakes.. I have no brakes… ” terrified, watching her foot slamming, slamming. The delicate foot contrasts with the harshness of the enraged piece of metal.. THUD THUD THUD…. Sockless, the thin sole feels nonexistent. It feels as her her foot IS the useless brake – it is Sabrina that has no brakes.

“Stop, brakes, pleeeease.. .!!” THUD THUD THUD.

The inexperienced young woman doesn’t know she could slow down by shifting into neutral…and now the car has reached 120kph. Getting close to a dangerous curve, Sabrina screams. She knows she’s gonna crash… Terrified, she sees a wall fast approaching. But its too late. The car hits it and finally comes to a stop after an awful noise. In the wreckage, theres a cute little girl, miniskirt, sensually showing her legs and feet encased in unmistakebly feminine shoes with no socks…..