No Stopping Rina (pink Heels)

Rina goes to meet her contact to reveal some secret but someone cut her brakes so she won’t make it.

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  1. Title: No Stopping Rina
    Car: Dodge Intrepid
    Clothes: Blue jacket, black shirt with some cleavage, denim jeans, and a pair of pink bowtie high heel pumps.
    Synopsis: Rina is sitting on her table at a coffe shop, dangling her pink heels along the way. Meanwhile, a mysterious man has sliced Rina’s brake lines, leaving a puddle of brake fluid underneath her car.
    After that, she got a text from her contact about their meeting point, and she went to her car. She climbs inside of her car, failing to notice the puddle of brake fluid underneath her car. She starts her car and puts it into gear, before leaving the coffee shop.
    Rina is smiling and enjoyimg her drive to the meeting point, despite the terrible weather condition. Rina sees that she is late for the meeting, and pressed the gas pedal to speed up. After a while, she steps on the brake pedal and manages to slow down, even though she commented on how the brake pedal feels spongy. All the while, brake fluid is spurting out of the cut brake line.
    At the next junction, Rina steps on the brake pedal again. This time, it went to the floor and there was nothing but air leaking out of the brake line. Realizing what’s wrong, Rina pumps the brakes twice to no avail. She barely manages to pass the stop sign without incident, but now she must find a way to stop her brakeless car.
    She pumps the brake pedal multiple times through sharp corners and traffic, hoping that it would slow the car down. However, the car began to speed up and she is panicked over whether she is going to crash. Eventually, she slams on the emergency brake pedal and it did slow the car enough for her to pull into a parking lot. Once she fully stop, she shuts off her car and slumped at the steering wheel.
    The End.
    Review: Honestly, this is a decent effort from one of the first videos created om GWNB. The first half is pretty good, with a solid build-up and nice pedal shots. The second half is just alright, due to having far fewer pedal shots and the camera angles being a bit unflattering.
    A major strength of this video is the acting. Rina manages to put on a good performance of someone terrified about losing their brakes on a mountain road. I just wish that the pedal shots compliment her reaction shots, because that would have made this video better. The clothes are also well-picked, and the pedal shots are good as well.
    My other drawbacks from this video were the fact that it has no songs and the audio mixing can be a bit unbalanced. But I’ll let that slide since this is one of the first videos GWNB has ever released, and Rina’s first video on the website as well.
    In conclusion, this is a decent effort from GWNB and surely a stepping stone for the high quality videos GWNB is pumping out right now.
    Rating: 7/10.

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