Rina has no brakes!

new HD remaster! Rina gets in her rented 2010 Toyota Camry wearing a cute tank top, mini skirt, and jelly flats on an unseasonably warm autumn afternoon. she is on a nice leisurely drive, but when she goes downhill and applies the brakes, her foot sinks right to the floor and her car won’t stop! no matter how many times she pumps the pedal her brakes refuse to work

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    Title: Rina Has No Brakes!
    Car: 2010 Toyota Camry
    Model: Rina
    Outfit: Dark blue tank top, black mini skirt, and a pair of jelly flats
    Summary: Rina approaches her car and gets inside for a drive. She turns the ignition on and puts the car into Drive. She drove out of her parking lot, unaware of the puddle of brake fluid she left behind.
    Rina is now on the road, pressing the gas pedal to speed her car up. She was enjoying her drive, right up until she saw a sharp left corner. Rina moves her foot to the brake pedal, only to press it all the way to the floor. Rina’s expression quickly turned sour, as she gave the brake pedal a few more pumps to no avail. She negotiates the corner just fine, but this leads to a downhill stretch of the road. Rina soon finds herself mashing the brake pedal multiple times, pleading for her car to stop. But the brake pedal would limp its way to the floorboard each time with no response. Rina clenches her teeth as she had to turn hard just to make it onto the main road.
    Rina is now desperate, pumping the brake pedal as fast as she can and trying to get help. But her car isn’t slowing down as she merges onto the freeway. Eventually, she saw an intersection and her futile attempts of pumping the brake pedal to stop her brakeless car was useless. Rina covers her face with both arms, bracing herself for the impact as the video ends.
    The End.
    Review: This video is an underrated gem that I’m glad more people are finding out. It isn’t without its shortcomings, but they’re outweighed by its many positives.

    For starters, Rina’a acting is a bit lopsided. She has a really great pumping style, with a forceful pushing of the limp brake pedal and a gradual feeling to it. The way she dangles her flats as she is pumping the brake pedal is also a neat touch. Her body expressions are decent, with good body language as well. Her facial expressions are a bit okayish, I guess. She did the transition from excited to terrified pretty well in my opinion, but her voice is just far too low be this panicked throughout the video. It puts some people out of the situation, and is jarring as well. Otherwise, Rina’s performance is pretty decent.

    The technical stuff is really good, though. I like Rina’s outfit, being really cute yet modest at the same time. The pedal action is also really good for its time, helped by the fact the brake pedal make a satisfying metal ‘thunk’ as it hits the floor. The camera angles are also decent, including an unique outside view shot that I’m pretty sure never been replicated in any other GWNB videos. It’s pretty loud due to the wind noise and is quite unstable, but I appreciate the creativity from that angle.

    In the end, this clip is seriously underrated and it is really good in every aspect. Even if Rina’s acting is not the best, everything else is top notch. This is a great clip for any BF fans looking for a simple, yet fun BF clip.
    Score: 9/10

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