Brandy’s Downhill terror (hidden)

Hidden camera style video featuring brandy barefoot at night wearing a sparkly dress. someone cut her brakes and she leaves the club barefoot holding her heels. she drives awaybut on a steep hill she finds her brakes won’t work and her car speeds out of control!

Stopping Selena (teaser)

Katie is tired of Selena’s antics and decides to do something about it!.  Selena is  teasing the public at the park; what with her gratuitus dipping and dangling in shiny pink heels while working on her laptop.  Unbeknownst  to her  Katie decides to sneak up and cut the brakes on Selena’s car. Maybe that’ll show how her!!  purchase the full video here 

Megan HD

Megan broke my heart so in a fit of jealosy i tampered with the brakes on her car. she leaves me to go meet her new boyfriend, Chad.  On the way home her brakes fail and she can’t stop her car. that what she gets!

Meg Boot Crank

Meg cranking a dodge intrepid that really has trouble starting!


quick test edit of upcoming video featuring Leona in Keds. Cranking then BF.  Available in April 2022

Sticky Predicament

Sif is driving barefoot but its shocked to find both feet inexplicably glued to her pedals!