Brake Decline HD

Kerida is a bank executive that has rejected a loan to an unhinged dangerous person an this pers has tamepred with her brakes for revenge. On her way home she heads down a deep decline and her brakes slowly decline to the floor until she realizes…She has no brakes!!!

Kimberly HD

Kim is a 80’s girl driving in winding roads in a old station wagon with shitty brakes!

Nina HD (heels)

Nina is a reporter trying to escape bad guys but unbeknownst to her the brakes on her truck have been tampered with. In this version she wears high heel shiny black pumps

Nina HD

Nina is a reporter on the run from the bad guys. she drives fast trying to escape, but what she doestn know is the bad guys cut the brake lines on her truck!!

Nikki HD

Another OC of mine. Nikki is driving in winding hilly roads and panics when her brakes fail


Miranna driving an old station wagon discovers that its brakes are completely shot

Keara HD

Keara is drivig home from a night of partying with the girls. Some loud obnoxious  dudes start cat calling her while at a stop light. She teases them..then takes off when the light turns green;  leaving them in the dust.  But when she goes to slow down,  she finds out that her brakes are completely gone!. Did someone cut her brakes at the club??

Kim Stuck Alt HD

Kim’s feet are stuck to the pedals, In this version, her bare foot slip out of her shoe at the end, and applies the brake….. only to find out she has no brakes!!

CJ Cranking HD

an old animation about an OC of mine, CJ. CJ’s Jeep wont start. she pumps and cranks it barefoot.