Selena’s Car Stuck in Glue

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like a mixture of Stuck in Mud and Stuck in glue.. Selena gets in her car to leave but she cant go!  Her tires are stuck in strange goo. she wears jelly shoes and floors it relentlessly to get unstuck. Her tire roll a bit then come  to a stop and try to pull away from the sticky strands. this goes on for several minutes until, frustrated and she takes her shoes off at the halfway mark and continues to struggle desperately to free her car, only to no avail.  runtime 10 minutes


1 review for Selena’s Car Stuck in Glue

  1. e.c (verified owner)

    Excellent acting by Selena! Dialog and facial expressions felt very authentic. Loved the unique take on car stuck vids. Hope to see more of her and this type of stuck vid

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