Tessa’s Brakes fail!

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Custom video from fall 2022 featuring our new lovely model,  Tessa!. she  wearing clear slides and metallic toenail polish. She is on her phone looking cute in tight jeans and off the shoulder top. we get close ups of her feet as she dangles and eventually walks to her car and drives away. on the road her brakes feel mushy but she keeps driving and even floors it speeding too fast for Rainy conditions.  on the steepest hill she tries to slow down but find her brakes are completely gone!  runtime 8mins 30 sec



1 review for Tessa’s Brakes fail!

  1. BFriker (verified owner)

    I personally love rainy days; they are great for relaxing, snuggling and they make especially good setting for a brake failure. The roads are slippery, you can hydroplane and stopping is always a bit trickier.

    It’s October, Halloween season and we find newcomer Tessa texting her friends while she enjoys an Autumn day downtown. She wears ripped jeans a white top, a bomber jacket and sexy clear slides. She oozes attitude and once again, wearing slides in Autumn while it is cold outside is sexy as hell. She’s knows she is gorgeous and we love to watch. Slowly she makes her way to her older car and the journey begins.

    Tessa removes her coat in the car, so we can assume it’s toasty warm inside, especially by her feet. I have to admit, I love slides and the choice of nail color. They sparkle and catch the light to keep us focused on them, not that I want to take my eyes off, I certainly did not. They are clear and the Producer makes great use of that as later on you can see her soles through the shoes as she pumps. It’s a unique look that I adored.

    Tessa’s acting is very good, naturally going from what the heck to angry, nervous and then afraid. I LOVE the angle that is used when she looks downward toward the footwell, my eye follows her eyes downward perfectly and then we are rewarded with masterful pumping. She doesn’t say anything tropey and lets her body language and signs convince us that something is wrong.

    The film was produced using a green screen, which gives the producer more control of the shot. The footage behind Tessa looks great and matches perfectly an d kept me engaged in the action and story.

    Tessa’s pumping does NOT disappoint. I love how natural her foot reacts to the pedal while driving normal and the sudden loss of stability we feel when she loses tension in the brake. In one scene she simply slams her foot all the way to the floor, and lucky for us it’s a combination side, behind the pedal shot which gives us so much more that we imagined. This shot position is repeated several times, oh-my-goodness. Expect a lot of exciting variety in how we see Tessa try to slow down, amazing!

    Even the road scenes with the rain and windshield wiper action help keep us involved making the last three minutes pure magic. Will she make it out alive? You will have to buy the clip to find out. OH and you WILL WANT to have this clip. I liked it so much I bout the alternate version with thong sandals as well just so I could see the sexy and exciting nuances that thongs deliver.

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