No Stopping Selena (Teaser)

A film by GWNB. Selena and Kayla hare having affair. They plot to destroy Kayla’s husband, Ali by leaking dirt to the public and aking all his money before running away together. Ali is on to them decides to get revenge by cutting the brakes on Selena’s car. Selena always thinks once she has her heart on something nothing will stop her, she will find out how true that is. The full movie is 15minutes long with an intense Brake Failure scene at the end!

“Astral” By Nomyn

“Wanderer” by Fyze

“Faraway” By Wiljan

“Warm embrace” By Artificial endorphins.

“Eternity Link” By Whitesand

Posted on January 18, 2020 by SPYDER

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